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☀️Sun POV☀️
I woke up in Moon's arms. I yawned, rubbing my eyes. I glanced over at Moon. He was still sleeping, so peacefully. I sat up and stretched to get the sleepies out of me. I checked the time. It was about 5:00. I brought my attention back to Moon. I crawled over to him and shook him gently, waking him up.

He slowly opened his eyes and looked up at me. I smiled then leaned down to give him a kiss on the cheek. He yawned then wrapped his arms around me, giving me a soft kiss on the lips. He sat up.

He glanced at me then gently rubbed the top of my head before getting up. I smiled then got up as well, following behind.

We would sit down at the edge of the balcony, waiting. I had my head rested down on his shoulder, his hand on top of mine. I checked the time, realizing the kids should be here any minute. I was about to tell Moon until I heard the doors burst open with loud children.

Well, that works. I glanced at him and giggled a bit before jumping down into the ball pit.

3rd Person POV
Once Sun crawled out of the ball pit, he skipped on over to the children, putting on a bright and cheery face. He bent down to greet them all. Moon flew down to help for Sun's sake. Sun noticed one of the children acting a bit odd. She was holding her shirt, as if trying to fight back something that was in it. Sun got worried at this.

"Are you ok sunshi-" Before he could finish, a cat crawled out of her shirt, sitting right infront of Sun. "What." He said under his breath, confused as fuck.

Moon happened to be right behind Sun. He stared at the cat in confusion.

The cat noticed Moon. It suddenly ran over to him, jumping on him. "AH!" He yelled, startled. The cat climbed up to his shoulder, then his back, clinging onto his hat.

Moon tried to grab it, but couldn't. Sun walked over to Moon and gently removed the cats claws off of his hat. The cat gave a high pitch meow, squirming in Sun's arms.

Sun handed it to Moon. It seemed more fond of him, since it had stopped squirming. Moon stared at the cat, being overwhelmed by the cuteness not visibly. He cleared his throat. "Ok, who brought the cat?"

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