Eternal (Espio the Chameleon x Reader)

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"Wake up, wake up! It's Halloween!"

Espio groaned, throwing an arm over his eyes, even as the door to his room swung open and Charmy flew excited circles above his head.

"Charmy, sit down right now!" Vector yelled, barging into the room and grabbing the bee. "Espio, please get up and help me; I can hardly contain him on a good day."

The chameleon sighed, forcing himself out of his bed and trudging out to the kitchen. Charmy was already in costume, some homemade thing Vector had helped the bee make that Espio couldn't identify.

"I've got business in Sunset City today and might not be back until later," Vector said as he set a plate out for Charmy and another for Espio. "Candy for the trick-or-treaters is in the cabinet that you know where it is, and Charmy's going to need a chaperone."

"I can handle myself," Charmy said, shoveling his food into his mouth.

"I just don't want you getting carried away or lost," Vector said. "And who knows? Eggman might decide he wants to pop a Halloween ambush."

"Of all days," Espio said, leaning against the counter and looking disapprovingly at the crocodile. "Of all days."

"You're good with the kids! Just keep him in line and don't let him eat too much sugar. Other than that, you should be fine." Vector tossed a series of equipment into a bag and slung it over his shoulder. "Be good, Charmy. Espio's really feeling the spooky mood." The chameleon's glare followed him out the door.


Charmy wanted to do all the Halloween activities. Most years, Vector was the one taking the bee out for his yearly adventure while Espio handled business, and the chameleon was wishing he and the crocodile had switched places.

"Ooh, ooh! We need to go to the spooky café! Please, please, please, please, please-"

"We'll get there," Espio sighed, rubbing a hand down his face. Charmy suddenly gasped in excitement, zipping away from Espio's side. The chameleon spun to the side, his eyes widening. "Charmy!" A car, speeding, at that, was headed straight for the bee, who'd stopped just too far from the sidewalk to ogle an animatronic in a store window. Espio darted onto the street but he was too far away. "Charmy, move!"

A flash of (f/c) and the car raced past with a panicked honk. Espio skidded to a stop, his eyes wide and horrified, only for a (a/t) to pop up with a shocked Charmy cradled in her arms. 

"What a jerk," she said, casually crossing the street and tossing Charmy gently in the air. His wings fluttered and he bobbed for a moment before darting behind Espio. "Careful where you go, Charm." 

(Y/n) the (A/t). Espio stared at her until Charmy tapped his shoulder insistently. He cleared his throat, shaking his head and bowing it. "Thank you," he said hastily. 

"No problem," (Y/n) said. 

"It's been ages since we've seen you!" Charmy blurted out. "Ever since you and Espio had that big argument-" He gasped. "You should come spend Halloween with us!" Espio coughed loudly, tugging the bee down. Charmy twisted in his grip indignantly. "What? I like her, and last time I checked, so did you." The chameleon coughed again. 

"I think it's probably best if I get going," the (a/t) said, backing away from the pair. "I'm only going to be in town for a few days, so...don't, uh, worry about it. It was nice seeing you again." 

"Wait, don't go!" Charmy called, struggling out of Espio's grip and scrambling through the air after (Y/n). "Please spend Halloween with us? Please? Espio doesn't dress up, or do anything fun and Vector's out of town for the day!" The bee clasped his hands and sank a few feet. "Pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase-

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