017. The Strongs

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Their grandfather had departed, leaving Aemma to stuff her face with food so she wouldn't have to speak to anyone. 

"Are you alright?" Baela asked, watching her concernedly. 

"No," Aemma said, placing her fork down as she finally looked up from her plate, "Would you like to dance?"

Baela tilted her head slightly, watching her cousin in confusion, but ultimately complied. Baela placed her hand in Aemma's, allowing Aemma to guide her to the dance floor nearby Jace and Helaena. 

"Try not to throw up on me," Baela teased, as they began their dance, "You did eat an awful lot,"

Aemma stuck her tongue out but didn't make any promises. 

The music filled Aemma's ears, forcing any thoughts of her current situation out of her mind. Her heart felt lighter than it had all day, flashes of soft white hair and sapphire eyes departing from her memory as she laughed with her cousin.

She was thrown out of her temporary bliss by the slamming of fists on a table. Letting go of Baela's hand, she watched as Aemond stood tall, the glimmer of anger in his eye all too pronounced. 

"Final tribute," Aemond said, raising his glass in a wave of calm anger, "To the health of my nephews. Jace... Luke... and Joffrey. Each of them handsome, wise... strong."

Despite the purposeful absence of her name in the slander, Aemma's hands balled into fists at the blatant disrespect served to her brothers. She could feel Baela's hand wrap around her wrist, Baela's attempt to ensure both remained level-headed.

"Aemond," Queen Alicent warned.

"Come... let us drain our cups to these three..." Aemond paused, a wicked grin appearing on his face, "Strong boys,"

"I dare you to say that again." Jace threatened, watching his uncle with contempt. 

"Why? 'Twas only a compliment," Aemond shot back, walking towards Jace, "Do you not think yourself Strong?"

The comment was met with a swift blow to the face. One Aemond took with a smug smile. 

Aemma pulled her hand away from Baela, as Rhaena came to prevent her sister from doing anything rash herself, as Aemma stalked towards Aemond. Her path was cut off as Aegon smashed her younger brother's head into a plate full of food, sending a fire through Aemma's body.

"Keep your hands off Luke," Aemma shouted.

She grabbed a fistful of Aegon's hair, dragging him away from her brother as Aegon yelped, trying to free himself. Aemma flung him away from her, promptly headbutting him and sending him to the floor. 

"Ah fuck," Aegon groaned, placing a hand on his forehead as he remained seated on the floor. 

Turning her attention to Aemond, she noticed Jace had been thrown to the floor. Quickly marching up to Aemond, she was easily apprehended by a Kingsguard. The man bearhugged her, wrapping his arms around her body and picking her up, so she was left trying to kick the man's shins from behind her.

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