Truth or Dare Chapter 6

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"It's just a prank." Danielle says trying to sound confident.

We all look at her with a dumbfound look. We all then look at Rachael who's curled up in a ball as Paul tries comforting her.

"You know if my boyfriend was here-" starts Jessica. She stops mid sentence because we know the things they do.

"We just have to forget about it. Nothing will happen they're just trying to freak is out." Says Eddie.

"Now lets get back to playing with that ouija board!" Garrett announced.

"So how does it work?" I ask.

"Okay," Paul says, "two people go so, um Garrett and Madi. Sit cross legged with the board on your laps."

Garrett and I stare awkwardly as we sit how Paul instructed us.

"Now put your fingers on the pointer. Rachael can copy down the letters it tells us. And whatever you do, DON'T ask for a physical sign!"


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