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I crouch down to Nam-ra.

"Nam-ra, come on, let's go."

She stands up, and I tell Wu-jin to help her.

Dae-su also stands up and grabs a baseball bat, that they still had.

Then I suddenly feel someone tugging my sleeve.

I look up at Su-hyeok.

He is holding another baseball bat in his hand.

"Come on, we don't have much time"

I nod and walk over to the others.

Almost everyone has already jumped through the window, and I can still hear Cheong-san yelling from the floor above ours as I jump inside.

Su-hyeok jumps through the window after me, being the last one, and our group doesn't waste a second to start running.

We run down the stairs, Su-hyeok grabbing my hand tightly.

"Quick!" Su-hyeok reminds everyone.

I watch as Wu-jin helps Nam-ra run down the hallway and check over my shoulder for Dae-su, who was running behind everyone else.

I saw him trip over a metal pipe and I really had to stop myself from chuckling, because of the situation we were in.

Instead, I just yelled over my shoulder:

"Dae-su, stop being so clumsy!"

He groaned.

"Like you can talk"

I ignore him, and we exit the building, Su-hyeok pulling me after him.

But I stop for a second, having seen something inside the building from the corner of my eye.

Or someone.

My eyes widen, when I realize that it's Gwi-nam and I quickly hurry away from the door, so he won't see me.

Now on the outside of the building, we run through the woods.

On-jo keeps on looking back, and I have to control myself to not do the same and instead instruct her to keep on running.

"Come on, On-jo. We need to get out of here quickly!" I tell her.

We run towards a metal fence and through the open door, following Dae-su's lead, who somehow got to the front.

As we continue, I can't stop the tears from running down my face.

Just a few days ago, Cheong-san, On-jo, Su-hyeok and Gyeong-su, I-sak and I were eating chicken at Cheong-san's mom's restaurant, the world being as normal as ever.

How could everything have changed this fast?

I snap out of my thoughts.

I just hope Cheong-san is going to be alright and that he doesn't run into Gwi-nam again.

As we run up a hill, I stop.

Su-hyeok tugs at my sleeve again, to get me to continue again.

But there's something soaring through the air, somewhere nearby.

Suddenly, I hear a loud crash and fall to the ground, startled.

I look over my shoulder to see a huge explosion coming from the direction of Hyosan High.

Oh, god.

They really blew our school up.

All the good memories we made there.

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