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3rd Person POV
Sun woke up in Moon's arms. He yawned. He sat up and checked the time. Moon, who had been awake without Sun realizing, wrapped his arms around Sun's waist and pulled him back down onto his chest. Sun glanced over at Moon. He gave him a soft kiss on the lips.

"Moony, we have to work today."  He said. There was short pause. Moon then let him go.

Sun stood up then walked out of the room, leaving the curtain open for Moon. Moon then stood up, yawning. He walked out of the room, following behind Sun. He attached his wire to his back and flew down to him.

He hugged Sun from behind. Sun smiled. He pecked Moon on the forehead then gently took his arms off of him so he could go over to the kiddy table.

He picked up a bottle of glitter glue and took a sip of it. Moon watched him, making sure he didn't chug down the whole thing. Sun glanced over at him then set it down.

He wiped the corner of his mouth with his hand then stood up, walking over to the stack of cans and sitting near them, waiting.

Moon walked over to him and sat down besides him, resting his head down on his shoulder. Sun smiled and wrapped his arms around him, pecking him on the forehead.

A few minutes pass by. Sun checked the time. It was about 5:57 now, meaning the children should be here at any minute. He glanced down at Moon. His eyes were closed, but Sun wasn't sure if he was sleeping or not. He lightly booped him on the nose. Turns out, he had fallen asleep. Poor guy.

"Moony. . ." He said, holding the 'y' for as long as he possibly could.

He poked Moon on the cheek. Moon's eyes flickered. He glanced up at Sun with slight annoyance on his face. Sun giggled. "Sorry, but, you can't fall asleep right now my dear." Moon only groaned and wrapped his arms around Sun, pulling him close and resting his head down on his chest.

Sun began to caress his head, glancing down at him ever so often just to make sure he wouldn't fall asleep again. He heard the doors burst open with loud children, making him stop.

That seemed to have fully woken up Moon. Sun smiled at him before gently lifting his head off of him so he could stand up.

Time skip
It was nearly Naptime now. Sun had been doing arts and crafts with the children. He checked the time and realized that it was 4:50, meaning Naptime was soon. He glanced around for Moon, spotting him ontop of the balcony.

He waved to him, signaling for him to come down. He then turned his attention back to the children.

After a minute or so, the lights turned off, Sun knowing that they had to wrap up playtime. "Naptime." He heard Moon say. He would watch, just barely figuring out shapes since it was pretty dark, as Moon would gather all the children. They would grab sleeping bags, some kids picking up stuffed animals if they had to, and then getting settled.

Moon sat down in the center of the circle they had formed with the sleeping bags, watching, making sure everyone was okay, and asleep.

Sun could hear him humming and singing a lullaby, which honestly relaxed him. He felt himself getting a bit sleepy from it. He yawned, rubbing the corner of his eye.

He tried to keep them open, but couldn't. Blinking rapidly a few times didn't help. Moon stopped, noticing everyone was sound asleep. He sighed and glanced over at Sun. He found it adorable at the fact he had been dozing off. He quietly stood up and flew over to him.

He landed infront of him then sat down besides him, wrapping his arm around him and pulling him close. Sun seemed a bit startled, since he didn't realize Moon was literally right there.

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