Truth or Dare Chapter 7

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"Um, is there anyone who wants to talk?" I ask.

Our fingers start to slowly move to the yes on the board.

"Oh cool! Umm-" I say as Garrett cuts in.

"What's your name?" Garrett asks.





"Well hi John." I say sweetly, "how are you?"

The letters quickly move to D. E. A. D.

"How did you die?" Garrett asks as I begin to yell at him for asking.

Then our fingers start gliding over M. U. R. D. E. R. We all look at Rachael as she slowly writes the letters down then gives us a wide eyed stare.

"People are murdered all the time!" Says Eddie reassuring us. "Ask when."

"When did you die?" I ask expecting a distant answer.

After sitting there for a couple seconds, the pointer glides to 2. 0. 1. 3. T. O. D. A. Y.

"Well that's not spooky!" Rachael says in a frightened voice.


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