*-Treat with Care-*

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3rd person POV
Moon would sit down at the edge of the bed, resting his head on the palm of his hands and spacing out. The room was dark, and he had been alone. Alone, giving him time to himself to think. For some odd reason, he had been feeling weird today. Weird as in randomly zoning out, and waves of sadness.

He doesn't know why. He probably doesn't want to know why. He wanted to let it all out. But at the same time, he didn't. He found it weak, and stupid. He can't remember the last time he had felt like this. To be perfectly honest, there probably was no last time.

He exhaled, closing his eyes semi-tightly. He felt small tears of oil forming in the corner of his eyes. He blinked, trying to keep his vision from getting blurry. With his fists, he wiped away the tears.

Unfortunately, only more came out. He groaned. He didn't feel anything. He didn't know what to feel. This was different for him. Black tears, running down his face. He glanced down, wiping the tears off as they fell.

Sun was down at the daycare, cleaning up. After putting away a few toys, he stood up. He was finally finished. He sighed and walked over to the rope ladder, gripping onto it and climbing up to the balcony. He walked inside the room, pushing the curtain aside.

It was pretty dark, so he couldn't see much. He glanced around for the light switch.

Moon didn't notice him until the lights turned on, taking him by surprise. "Shit." He said under his breath. He glanced away from him, trying to hide the fact that he was crying.

Sun raised an eyebrow, a bit confused. "Hey, Moon. You okay?" He said, walking over to him.

"I'm fine, just. ." Moon said, trailing off and pulling his hat over his eyes. Sun stood infront of him, knowing that something was wrong. He cupped Moon's face with his hands, gently lifting his head up. He took his hat off his eyes. Sun's eyes widened, realizing he had been crying.

Moon looked down, wiping his tears away roughly with his fists. Sun pushed his hand aside. "Don't do that." He said. He leaned down and kissed his tears away.

Once he was done, he softly smiled down at Moon. Moon glanced off to the side, faintly blushing out of embarrassment.

Sun placed his hands on Moon's shoulders, sitting on his lap. He pulled Moon's head down onto his chest, softly caressing his back and head.   Moon sighed as more tears ran down his face. He held onto Sun tightly. Sun gave him a few light pats on the back before getting off of him.

He crawled over to the head of the bed, sitting down and opening his arms for Moon to crawl inside of them.

Moon would bury his head into Sun's chest. He felt a bit childish for crying infront of someone. He had never before. "Sorry." He would say quietly. "Hm?" Sun hummed, raising an eyebrow. "For crying. It's stupid." Sun frowned. He cupped Moon's face with his hands, making him look up at him. He kissed him on the forehead.

"It's not stupid." He said, placing more on both of his cheeks.

A small, unnoticeable smile started to form on Moon's face. He rested his head back down on Sun's chest. Sun turned his heat pads on and ran his hand up and down Moon's back. He used his other to lift Moon's head up, wiping his tears away with his thumb. He gave him yet another kiss on the forehead before rested his back on the head of the bed.

Moon's eyelids felt heavy. He blinked, trying to keep them open. But failed. He began to doze off. Soon enough, he fell asleep in Sun's arms. Sun hummed a giggle. He was still wondering on why Moon was crying.

I guess he could save the answer for that tomorrow. He held Moon close, resting his chin on the top of his head and shutting his eyes. He shortly went into sleep mode.

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