Bonus chapter

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Rosa King

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Rosa King

Sebastian and I took out seats on the couch laughing at Madeline who is running all around the house screaming and jumping up and down and my shocked family, well except my mother.

We came back from Paris and went to my family's house to pick Mads up and spend a few hours with my family to catch up on things.

"Wait a fucking damn sec—How the fuck are you pregnant? I thought you couldn't conceive" Ares says with a frown on his face, "Thank you so much for reminding me dear brother" I mutter rolling my eyes.

"I didn't mean it that way, sis, It's just, I—Jesus Kid! Shut the fuck up!" Ares yells at Madeline but the next thing I saw is Mama throwing her slipper on him hitting his head directly. Great shot.

"Don't curse in front of my granddaughter" She grits at him, "What is actually wrong with this whole family? A new baby is coming into this fucked up family, shouldn't we be happy?" Alessandro yells only to get hit by the other slipper.

"You are mad at him because he just told you he is about to get married! Don't get angry at me! I had nothing to do with his stupid decisions mom!" Sandro whined and my eyes grew wide.

"ABOUT TO GET MARRIED?" I yelled and Sebastian hold my shoulders, "Fucking hell woman, calm down!" He whisper-yell at me as I glared daggers at Ares.

"Come on don't act stupid, Sandro told you before you went Paris" Ares rolls his eyes annoyed as he leads against the wall crossing his arms over his chest.

"He told me something about a marriage not that you are about the get married" I mocked his words, "I knew you would be an asshole the moment I saw your face when I gave birth to you, just like your father" Mama glares at Ares and Sebastian, Alessandro and I tried our best not to laugh.

"Don't bring me into this Anastasia!" Papa yells coming out of the bathroom after he probably whipped his tears. "Oh please, says the one who knew about his son's marriage" Mama rolls her eyes.

"I didn't tell you because this would be your reaction," Papa says with a bored face, "And what about me? Just because I travel for a few days I missed everything!" I say standing up.

Sebastian rolls his eyes at our fucked up situation and walks in the direction where Madeline is, "Who the hell is the mother who calls her son an asshole?" Ares says looking at mama.

"Guess what? Me" she smiles crazily at him and I sighed sitting back on the couch and holding my head when I felt a bit dizzy.

"ARE YOU OKAY?" They all shouted at the same time causing me to flinch and look up at them, "Are you done fighting?" I asked in a calm voice.

"We weren't fighting, this is literally a normal conversation between us, we do it on a daily basis. A part of our common routine" Ares says taking his glass of water from the maid.

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