30. The Magnificent Seven

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Season Three


A man, in his 30s, with red hair and a beard, exited the house with a bag of garbage. He took it out to the garbage cans and stuffed it in. As he walked back to the house, the garbage cans rattled. He stared and walked cautiously towards them. They continued to rattle and he looked up to see a demonic cloud swirling over the Chicago skyline in the distance. Panicked, her ran back towards the house, but topped before he got there. A tendril of demon smoke poured into his mouth. He opened his eyes, revealing them to be demonic black. The possessed man stood, looking towards the rest of the demonic cloud streaming through Chicago and smiled.


Sam was sitting in the Impala, reading a book. Cassidy was in the back, listening to music on her iPod. The header at the page Sam was reading said Dr. Faustus. He looked up to see Dean inside the house across from him; he was wearing only an undershirt. Dean grinned and gave Sam a double-thumbs up, and Sam shook his head, smiling fondly. A girl joined him and Dean shut the curtains. They were undressing each other in silhouette. Sam glanced back to see Cassidy wasn't looking and his phone rang.


"Hey, Sam," Bobby greeted.

"Hey, Bobby."

"Whatcha two doing?"

"Oh, same old, same old."

"You buried in that book again?"

Sam paused and Bobby grimaced before he continued. "Sam, you and Cassidy want to break Dean free of that demon deal, you ain't gonna find the answer in no book."

"Then where, Bobby?"

"Kid, I wish I knew. So, where's your brother?"

Sam, without missing a beat, said, "Polling the electorate."


"Never mind."

"Well, you boys and girl better pack it up. I think Landon and I finally found something."

Sam hung up and glanced to Cassidy. "Stay here. I'm gonna get Dean."

Cassidy gave him a thumbs up.

Sam got out of the car and walked inside the house. He knocked on the bedroom door and opened it slowly.

"Dean?" Sam called, entering the room. "Dean, you -- you conscious? Bobby called, and he thinks that maybe we-" He stared in horror. "Oh, God."

Sam made his way back to the Impala and Cassidy asked, "Was it bad?"

"Worse. So much worse."

Dean got in the car and they started driving.

"Let me see your knife," Sam said.

"What for?" Dean asked.

"So I can gouge my eyes out."

"It was a beautiful, natural act, Sam."

"It's a part of you I never wanted to see, Dean. I'm glad Saoirse wasn't there."

Dean chuckled and slapped Sam on the thigh. "Hey, I appreciate you and Cassi giving me a little quality time with the Doublemint Twins."

"No problem," Sam replied quietly as Cassidy pretended to throw up.

"Really? Well, I got to say, I was expecting a weary sigh or an eye roll, something; or some insult from Saoirse."

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