Truth or Dare Chapter 9

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"But the man said Gretel wasn't home?" Danielle asks trying to reassure us.

I run back downstairs without answering anyone who asks me where I'm going. A few seconds layer, I enter the room holding the phone book I had earlier. I flip through the pages until I find the Js. John, Gillian. John, Gregory. John, Gretel! I skim my finger over the page until I find her address.

"Here! Let's go to this address and see what's going on!" I announce to the group.

"But- but," Rachael stammers.

"I'll be there." Paul says with a wink.

After moments of uncertainty, we all agree. We make our way quietly; flabbergasted my parents never woke.

"Here we are." I say, shivering from the chill outside.

"Here take my jacket." Garrett says putting his jacket on my back.

It's warm and has a lingering smell of boy and- what am I doing!? We're supposed to be investigating.

"Well, who goes first?" I say snapping out of my trance.

"It was your idea you go!" Pushes Jessica.

"I wasn't the one who dared me to call this haunted house!" I snap back.

"You could have called any number but NOO you had to call the one with the murderer!" She yells, leaving me speechless.

"Get out of the way babies!" Says Molly being brave as ever.

We all slowly walk up the sidewalk as slow as worms. My body starts sensing something bad is about to happen. Little did I know it would happen sooner than I thought.


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