chapter three

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03 x story time


[ Megan's POV ]

"My name is Megan."

It was the tall, blonde, broad-shouldered male who spoke up first. The same man who had approached me when I was having an episode when I first encountered the Avengers; the man I was assuming to be Captain America. "I hope you don't mind, but we did do some research on you while we were unconscious."

I remained quiet for a moment, assuming he'd be willing to share that information. Surely enough, he continued, "Though there wasn't a lot to be found, we do know your full name, where you came from, when you dropped off the grid . . ." He paused, glancing over to the other blonde. "What happened to your parents," he finished, quieter now.

I bristled at that last part. My parent's death was not something up for discussion in any relationship, as far as I was concerned. I felt the light within me pulse at the brief emotional wave, and I worked hard to suppress it. "All right, then," I said quietly. "I guess it's for the best you have the basics. Before I continue . . . would you mind doing introductions?" I wasn't sure who I was asking, but I knew I needed names if I was going to properly answer questions. Names aside from Tony, at least; he'd made himself easily recognizable, after his fellow scientist had called him out for grumbling at me.

To my surprise, it was the boy with platinum white hair that spoke up. He hadn't stopped fidgeting since I'd seen him; it was like he constantly had to be moving. And the speed at which he moved . . . it made me curious. "I am Pietro," he introduced himself, with an interesting accent, cracking a smile, before waving at the girl with the long dark hair and large dark eyes, "this is my twin sister, Wanda."

He kept on with the introductions, none of the other Avengers stopping him. "This is Clint," he pointed at the man Captain America had exchanged a look with, "and this is Steve," he waved at Captain America now. "You've already met Tony, and his companion-"

"Companion?" the man with the glasses asked skeptically.

"-is Bruce."

"Companion?" Bruce repeated.

"Scientific companion, yes," Wanda agreed with her brother.

"Not a good time to argue," Clint said, giving Bruce a pointed look, before turning attentive eyes to me. "It's nice to meet you, Megan."

"And all of you as well," I said, despite my reservations about Tony. Those could be dealt with later. I cleared my throat then, leaning against the table I had priorly been laying on. "All right . . . the powers."

"The main subject of intrigue," Tony interjected.

Bruce poked Tony hard in the side for that, and silence once more befell everyone.

It was hard for me to resist the urge to rub my temples, given a headache I was currently warding off (a headache I was almost always warding off) but I managed. I took a deep breath. "The first power came right before I dropped off the grid. Flight. It was easy enough to figure out . . . I discovered it on accident."

"You fell?" Pietro asked instantly, his electric eyes widening.

"No," I corrected quickly, "I was jumping. And, well, I didn't exactly come down. Not right away, anyway. So after that . . . I just sort of skipped town. There's a lot you can do when you can fly, after all. I just went places. Lots of places. Which," I made a face, a smile slanting my lips, "is not the easiest when you're not carrying your passport. Learned that one the hard way."

Clint appeared to suppress a laugh at that, and Wanda visibly grinned in amusement. No one made any move to interrupt me.

"So that was that, for about six months, I led a pretty decent life, all things taken into account." I shrugged one shoulder up and down. "Except then things went down hill. Fast."

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