021. Valyrian wedding

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Aemma used the secret walkways that Aemond showed her to maneuver around the castle. The winding corridors and paths that led to nowhere confused her ceaselessly as she relentlessly checked over her shoulder in case of potential pursuers. In her troubled mind, she could imagine a guard walking into her chambers and notifying the castle that the Velaryon princess had escaped, and they were now scouring the castle for her. In her right mind, she knew that Aemond had been the only one to check on her since she had been locked in, and no guard would need to see to her. 

Still, she kept her pace hurried for fear of being on scarce timing. 

After finally tracking down the false backing that led to Helaena's room, she softly clicked it open and emerged. 

She shouted in surprise, covering her mouth so no one outside would come running in, as she noticed Aegon entering. 

Aegon yelped back before realising it was her, "Oh, it's you,"

"What is Aegon doing here?" Aemma hissed, staring at Helaena in bewilderment. 

"Our rooms are connected," Aegon shrugged, splaying himself out on a chair, "And her room has softer furniture,"

"I tried to get him to leave, but he wouldn't," Helaena explained, wringing her hands, "But he promised not to tell anyone,"

"You'll need an extra witness," Aegon said, downing a nearby glass before frowning, "That was not wine,"

"How can I be in the same room as him?" Aemma said animatedly, "He stole my mother's birthright,"

"Otto Hightower stole your mother's birthright, and mother," Aegon shrugged, glancing around for wine, "Why would I want to rule? I prefer no responsibilities,"

Aemma sighed, shaking her head in dismay. She stayed standing, glancing at Aegon every few seconds as she wondered whether she indeed should fall for his reasons. 

The usurping came as a surprise to Aemma not just because Rhaenyra had been named heir since before any of them were born but also because, while she generally disliked Aegon, she couldn't imagine Aegon actually wishing to take the throne from his half-sister. 

Eventually, Aemma let out another sigh and nodded, "Fine. You can stay,"

"Oh, I was never going to be leaving," 

The trio turned their heads towards the entrance as it banged open, Aemond Targaryen blocking their view of the corridor. 

"What is he doing here?" Aemond narrowed his eyes at Aegon. 

"I said the same thing," Aemma said, finally offering Aegon a smile, "He's apparently a second witness,"

"Don't you have to get ready for the crowning ceremony?" 

"Don't you have to get married behind mother's back?" 

The two brothers glared at one another before both huffed and rolled their eyes. Aemma watched it in slight amusement as her heart let out a pang. She longed to see her own brothers once more. 

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