Truth or Dare Chaper 10

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Molly's hand shakily grabs the round handle.

"It's locked," Molly says, "guess we have to leave! Oh well! Madi what do you have to eat at your house?"

"The windows broken open!" Eddie yells from the side of the house.

We all trudge over to the side of the house not being cautious of our surroundings. Broken glass. Everywhere. Rachael really shouldn't have worn flip flops because the glass went straight into her foot. Her shriek of pain caused a dog to bark loud and the lights of the house next door come on.

"Run!" Danielle yells as we all pile into the window.

Paul picks up Rachael and carry her inside. He gently sets her down and picks up her foot. Her face shows intense pain as he pulls on the little piece of glass protruding the heel of her foot. Paul counts to three and pulls the two inch long piece of glass from her foot. Jessica shoves her hand in Rachael's mouth to muffle her scream.

"Come on guys lets go home!" Danielle whines as we walk into a different room.

"No we're seeing what's happening!" Jessica snaps back.

We walk into a room that was clearly a kitchen. Everything seemed to be in it's place, except for one thing... The knife block was tipped over. The biggest knife no longer in place. I look down and see shoe prints leading out of the room.

"Come with me."


Thank you so much for the comments, votes, reads, shares, follows, etc! :) don't forget to keep doing that! Im sorry my chapters aren't longer. I write these pretty fast so ill update more often. Anyway where do you think they lead? What's going to happen to Rachael? Thank you again! Stay beautiful!

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