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A bit angsty

☀️Sun POV☀️
I was walking around the daycare, cleaning up for the day. It was a Saturday, and Moon and I didn't have time to clean yesterday night. We were busy doing other things.

Anywho, Moon wasn't that great of a help since he was flying around instead of cleaning—but that's okay! I'm nearly finished, anyway.

I kneeled down to pick up a fallen stack of cans. As I was doing so, I heard a sudden, loud, muffled thud. I paused, internally startled from the noise.

What was that? Where did that come from? Did Moon hear it too? I glanced up at him. I couldn't tell from afar. Eh. I shook it off and brought my attention back to the mess.

I glanced to the side, noticing there had been another fallen stack of cans. I'll get to that once I'm done with this one.

After finally finishing putting them back to exactly the way it was, I walked over to the other mess I had to deal with.

I stood up, brushing my hands together then placing them on my hips. I glanced around the now-cleaned daycare! I paused. Now what to do?

I looked over at the exit. I mean, perhaps a little exploring won't hurt, right? Wait—what if Moon see's me? Will he care? I glanced around for him, but couldn't see him anywhere. I guess I could try.

I headed towards the exit, trying not to attract any attention to Moon—who had mysteriously disappeared.

I opened the door, peeking my head through before stepping out. I studied my surroundings, making sure no S.T.A.F.F bots were around. The area was all clear, so I began to walk around—still being careful.

At least until I accidentally bumped into someone. I grunted, falling onto the floor with a thud. Crap. I really hope that wasn't a S.T.A.F.F bot otherwise I'm screwed.

I glanced up, realizing who it was. Monty. Out of all the glamrocks, it's Monty? I hope he isn't mad. . . "I'm sorry." I said, standing up.

"Would you watch where you're going, dickhead?" He grumbled. "Wait, aren't you not supposed to be out of the daycare?" He took off his sunglasses, raising an eyebrow.

I felt instant worry. Would he tell somebody? A S.T.A.F.F bot, or a security guard? I'm so stupid, I shouldn't have left the daycare. "Well, no, but—please don't tell anyone." I added on quickly. "Don't tell me what to do."

I scratched my neck. Dang it. .he's surely going to tell somebody. What do I do?

I opened my mouth to say something, but was interrupted. "If you get your jolly good self out of my sight, then maybe I won't." He said. "I'll also consider not ripping an arm or two off of you." Yeah, this was definitely the wrong time to bump into Monty.

"Sorry—I'm sorry. I'll go." I said whilst backing up. I turned around and walked back towards the daycare, opening the doors and hurrying inside.

I sighed. Why was Monty being so mean? I walked over to a comfy place in the daycare, sitting down and curling up into a ball. Unexpected tears began to form in my eyes.

3rd person POV
Moon spotted Sun entering the daycare from the play structures. He didn't see him go out, but he did see him come in. 'What was he doing out there?' He thought, concerned.

He watched as he walked over to a corner, curling himself up into a ball. Moon began to worry for him. He stood up, tugging on his wire and flying down to him.

He landed besides him, walking over to him and kneeling down. He noticed small black tears in his eyes. He wiped them away with his finger. "Did something happen?" He asked. Sun nodded.

Moon rested his back against the wall, wrapping an arm around Sun. "Tell me about it."

Sun told him everything, taking a moment to sniff in between words.

Moon smiled. "I'll be right back, okay?" He said. With that, he stood up, leaving Sun and making his way out of the daycare. Sun lay there, confused. He sniffed, wiping his eye with his knuckle and waiting.

Moon glanced around, trying to spot that gator. He walked around, not really giving a care about getting seen by a S.T.A.F.F bot.

He crouched by a nearby vent, opening it up and crawling inside. He crawled through, glancing at every opening to see if it was Monty's room. He stopped once he heard loud thuds and low growls.

He crawled towards the small opening, taking off the cover of the vent and peeking through. There was Monty, throwing a small temper tantrum for whatever reason.

Moon crawled out without catching Monty's attention. He clung onto a long pipe near the ceiling, plopping himself ontop of it. He waited.

At the right moment, he pounced, legs landing on Monty's shoulders. He used his hands to claw into his face from the back, scraping against the metal. He swore he left a deep gouge. (As he should 😚✌️)

Monty tried grabbing him, but that didn't work. There was some oil running down his face from the slash Moon had done to him.

At some point, Moon slipped off and fell onto his back. Monty reached for his wrist, gripping onto it firmly and tugging it. A 'pop' could be heard, which may have been Moon's arm.

Moon didn't even know if it hurt or not, but Monty had broke something.

With his other hand, Moon dug his sharp fingers into Monty's arm. Monty pulled his arm back, groaning from the pain.

Moon thrashed his fist into Monty's face, throwing him off guard and nearly knocking him over.

☀️Sun POV☀️
I heard a loud bang, making me jump. I could hear a bunch of stuff going on outside of the daycare, but wasn't sure where it was coming from. I was sorta concerned since I knew Moon was out there.

I scooted further into the corner, bringing my knees up to my chest. I tried not to flinch at every sound I would hear.

After 10 minutes or so, I heard the doors open. I raised my head up, trying to see who it was. Moon! But—he looked off. He was holding his arm. Is he okay?

I stood up, rushing over to him. I poked him on the shoulder. He glanced over at me. I studied his arm.

"Are you okay?" I asked, gently lifting up his hand. I realized that his arm had been disassembled. Who did this?

I looked back at Moon. His eyes had low battery signs flashing inside of them, replacing his pupils. A second later, they went clear and were half-shut. His whole body went limp, but I caught him in my arms before he could fall.

I picked him up, stumbling a bit. "Oh, Moon. . ." I mumbled. I checked the time. 8:30. I decided to let him rest for the night, then take him to parts and service first thing in the morning.

Vanessa POV
I was walking around the mall, doing a check for the night. I came across Monty's room. I stared at the glass for a moment—that had been covered and a sign placed ontop.

I decided to check inside—as I would do with any animatronic—except that I couldn't just look through the glass with Monty.

I opened the door with a pass. I stepped inside. The lights have been off, so I couldn't see a thing. I flicked on my flashlight, viewing the room.I pointed it at the floor.

I found Montgomery, powered off and in horrible condition. What the fuck? Who beat the shit out of him? I glanced around, unsure of what to do. You know what, not my problem.

I walked out of the room, the door shutting automatically behind me. I whistled a tune as I walked away.

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