32. Bad Day at Black Rock

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Kubrick was being swiped down with a metal detector before he entered the prison visitors area. He sat in front of Gordon Walker and picked up the two-way phone.

"It's true," Kubrick said. "A Devil's Gate was opened in Wyoming. Big. St. Helen's big. There's no solid fix on how many demons got out, but it's in the hundreds. An army."

"Sam Winchester was there, wasn't he?" Gordon questioned.

"Talked to a guy who knows Bobby Singer, and yeah it looks like the Winchesters, along with a couple teenagers, were at ground zero when the gate was popped, but Singer said they went in there to stop it."

"Uh uh, Bobby's edge ain't what it used to be. Sam could have him believing anything by now."

"Listen Gordon, as far as talk goes, Sam Winchester check out. They're hunters, that's all."

"That's all?"

Kubrick nodded and Gordon laughed before saying, "Kubrick, I'm not even sure he's human." Kubrick laughed nervously.

"You think I'm crazy? I told you there was a war coming, six months ago. Take a look around. It's here. Now I'm telling you this boy is a part of it. Track him down, Kubrick. You'll come to see it too. Sam Winchester must die." Gordon hung up the phone.


The Impala was traveling along a quiet, dark road and the three were arguing.

"Because demon, that's why, I mean the second you find out this Ruby chick is a demon, you go for the holy water, you don't chat!" Dean yelled.

"No one was chatting, Dean," Sam replied.

"Oh yeah? Then why didn't you send her ass back to Hell?"

"Because - Because she said she might be able to help us out."

"How?" Sam paused. "No really, Sam, how? How could she possibly help us?"

"She told me she could help you, okay?" Dean looked at him, incredulous. "Help you out of the crossroad deal."

"What is wrong with you, huh? She's lying, you gotta know that, don't you? She knows what your weakness is, it's me and Cassi." He paused. "What else did she say?" Sam remained silent. "Dude?"

"Nothing." He paused. "Nothing, okay? Look I'm not an idiot Dean, Cassi, I'm not talking about trusting her, I'm talking about using her. I mean, we're at war, right? And we don't know jack about the enemy; we don't know where they are, we don't know what they're doing. I mean, hell, we don't know what they want. Now the Ruby girl knows more than we will ever find out on our own. Now yes, it's a risk, I know that, but we need to take it."

"You're okay, right, I mean you're feeling okay?"

"Yes I'm fine, why are you and Dean always asking me that?"

Before Cassidy could answer, a phone started ringing.

Sam reached for his own. "It's not mine."

Dean went for his. "Nope."

"Not mine, either," Cassidy said. "I don't have an old man ringtone."

"Check the glove compartment, it's Dad's. Cassi, sass ain't appreciated."

"It's always appreciated."

"No it isn't."

"Dad's?" Sam repeated.

"Yeah, I keep 'em charged up in case any of his old contacts call."

Sam opened the glove compartment, found John's phone and answered it. "Hello? Yes... this is Edgar Cayce... No, no, no, no, don't - don't call the police, I'll handle this myself. Thanks. You know, can you just uh, can you just lock it back up for me? Great. Uhm, -I uh, I don't have my - my book in front of me," he gestured to Dean for a pen, "do you - do you have the address so I can... Sure, okay. Go ahead. Right, thanks a lot." He ended the call. "Dad ever tell you he kept a container at a storage place?"

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