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I woke up at 10 something, and I took a shower and did my hygiene stuff

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I woke up at 10 something, and I took a shower and did my hygiene stuff.

While I was wiping my face, a message dinged over my music.

Von sent me a good morning message, I sent one back and locked my phone.

Bj didn't tell me what time we were going on the date, so I just went ahead and put my clothes on. He said casual so I put on a white tee shirt, blue jeans, and white forces.

I took a couple of mirror pictures and a couple of videos of my face. While I was doing that Von text me again.



taking pictures.

send me sum

hold on.
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you so pretty ma💗

thank you

ft me.

The phone barely rung once before he picked it up.

"What you on lil folks, you good," he questioned, I laughed a little at his accent because it was so strong.

"I'm good, what you doing," I asked him.

"Talking to you," he laughed, and I straight faced him.

"Fix yo face," he told me and I just smiled for no reason.

"You so pretty," he told me, and I could feel my face turn hot.

"Thank you," I replied.

"Not gone lie, a nigga hungry as hell," he said.

"Me too," I told him.

"I'm about to go get something to eat, you want something," he asked as he walked out of his house.

"No, thank you. My boyfriend supposed to be taking me on a date," I answered.

A Few Hours Later...

I had been on the phone with Von since earlier. He was now playing the game.

My stomach growled. I was hoping Bj hurried up.

Like a blessing sent from God, he texted me.

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