Chapter Twenty-Three

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Stephan's Point of View

Toby and I had stepped ourselves up the pathway until we had reached the big dark wooden front door as the sun crashed down upon us like waves upon the shore, forcefully and gently at the same time.

Toby entered first allowing his fingers to slowly turn the smooth wooden handle and then we heard her voice roar as it pushed to our ears, causing us both to liven up as if her voice had created a waterfall of adrenaline to pour through every vein that existed inside of us.

"You're a lunatic!" She yelled at the top of her lungs causing Toby to bust the door open as he tried to reach her voice while charging inside on full alert. I rushed behind him feeling my feet follow his lead and shoved the gun into my back pocket as my mind tried locating which room her voice had bellowed from and then I realized that it had gushed down from the entertainment room and noticed Toby trailing off in the wrong direction.

"Toby. This way." I said as I nodded my head up the staircase and then we bolted up hearing our footsteps slam against the wooden staircase as if we were a herd of elephants.

Toby then thrusted the door of the entertainment room forward causing it to fly open and then he through himself inside while he clinched his jaw from the impatient feeling I could see was burning inside of him, he just wanted to find Lana...and he did, his eyes met his only sister tied up to a wooden chair with thick beige ropes pressing her hands together as her arms were forcefully tightened behind the back of the chair while her feet tied to the two front wooden legs as her once tamed hair now a uncontrollable mess, ran down her sweaty bruised face covering most of her features, hiding it as if it was a curtain halfway closed. Toby's eyes grew in size, standing as big as saucers as he looked at his sister with a thin layer of water glistening across his eyeballs.

Ian stood beside her, his feet planted to the ground, with a knife at hand and it was noticeable that he had cut her due to the marks stretching on her arms dripping with blood. Toby paused for a second to take it all in and then...he went ballistic.

"You sick fuck." He stared with disgust as his brows pressed themselves together and his eyes burnt with the intensity of a million suns, he let himself loose, he pushed his feet to run up to Ian, carrying his knife, holding the blunt end with a grip so powerful it was as if the knife was apart of his body. The look on his face was one I had never seen before. He had just cracked a new level of rage as his feet traveled speedily up towards Ian standing beside Lana with a smug look plastered all over his face.

"Uh. Uh. Uh." Ian smiled stretching his lips from side to side. He held his free hand into the air signaling Toby to not come any closer while he swept the blade of the knife below Lana's ear. "Take one step closer and I'll cut her ear off." He said with confidence as if this was all a game and he was the one that set the rules.

But that didn't stop Toby, he wanted to save his sister and he wasn't going to let anyone stand in his way until we noticed Ian making a small cut in Lana's earlobe as she raised her voice by screaming her lungs out, trying to induce the pain she had felt. "Toby!" She cried for her brother as the tears poured down her face and then I hurried over to wrapped my arms around Toby holding him back, preventing him from taking another step closer.

"Don't do it man, he's mentally unstable, he will hurt her further if you go any closer." I used all of my strength to contain him, he was like a bull and Ian was his red target.

It was hard for me to see Lana in that much pain but I had to keep my cool, there was obviously something wrong with Ian that had made his guilt of hurting her non-existent, if we did anything to scare this sick motherfucker he would attack her without thinking twice.

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