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I walked into the diner, and just picked a both

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I walked into the diner, and just picked a both. He's late.

I set this meeting up with BJ, but honestly didn't want to show up. I just have questions and I want closure, but other than that I'm done with him.

I'm top tier, and I'll be damned if I let him disrespect me or my pride like that.

The bell over the door sounded off as he entered. I watched as his eyes scanned over the booth before finding me.

"Hey baby," he said sliding in the opposite side.

"Don't call me that," I told him.

"Talk," I demanded, and he just looked at me.

"What do you want me to say," he asked looking confused.

"Why you cheated? Why you just decided to have a baby on me? Why I wasn't enough for you? Why you decided to play with my feelings? Start with that Bruce," I said, trying not to draw attention to us.

"I didn't get her pregnant on purpose, we was just fucking around and slipped up. I cheated because you didn't wanna fuck. You put it on me a couple of times and I had to wait forever just to get that. I'm a man and I have needs. You wanted dates and shit for that, and you was always doing too much," he explained.

"Fuck you and your needs. Any man that cheats on his girl isn't a man. That's little boy behavior. I wanted to go on dates because we were a couple, and couples do things like that. All I really wanted was time and attention anyways. Fucking on hoes because you didn't want to put forth the effort to actually be for me is not a reason," I said in a low voice.

I stood up, "I can't believe I ever questioned myself for you."

I started to walk off, he grabbed my arm, but I pulled it away.

I got in my car, putting my music on shuffle heading back home. I pulled into my driveway when my phone started ringing.

"Hey girly," Shayla's voice came through the phone.

"Hey," I responded.

"What you doing," she asked.

"Probably about to smoke, and play the game," I told her.

"Girl you such a boy. But you should come to a party with me tonight," she said moving around in the camera.

"I'm okay, I just wanna chill at home tonight," I said.

"Please," she begged poking out her lip.

"No Shayla," I replied and in a firm voice.

"Okay girl, I'll call you later then," she slick rolled her eyes and hung up.

Shayla was the only girl that I really hung around. Females were fake, and dudes always want more so that's why I have a small circle.

I got into my house, taking my shoes off by the door, going into my little den I had.

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