33. Sin City

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A nun was putting Bibles or hymnals in the pews. Candles flickered and there was a sound like wings fluttering. She got nervous for a moment, then turned around and was startled to see someone appear behind her.

Father Gil handed her another book and said, "One more. That's all for tonight, sister. Come on. Let me walk you to your car."

"Father?" Andy called.

Father Gil looked up to where Andy was standing on the balcony. "Andy?""

"Father, God's not with us." She paused a beat. "Not anymore."

"Andy, of course He is. Why would you say that? What's wrong?"

Andy panted. "He can't help us. And if He can... He won't." He produced a gun, which he cocked and placed under his chin.

"Andy, wait!"

Andy shot himself. The nun screamed as Andy's body slumped forward over the balcony wall. Father Gil looked sickened.


Bobby was working on the Colt, while Dean and Landon melted metal into bullets. Bobby looked at a magnifying glass at the Colt, and looked at a diagram of parts.

Sam and Cassidy walked in and said, "Hey."

Dean looked up. "Hey, what's up?"

"Might've found some omens in Ohio," Sam informed. "Dry lightning, barometric-pressure drop."

"Well, that's thrilling."

"Plus, some guy blows his head off in a church and another goes postal in a hobby shop before the cops take him out. Might be demonic omens."

"Or it could just be a suicide and a psycho scrapbooker."

"Yeah, but it's our best lead since Lincoln," Cassidy said with a shrug.

"Where in Ohio?"

"Elizabethville. It's a half-dead factory town in the rust belt."

"There's got to be a demon or two in South Beach."

Sam smiled. "Sorry, Hef. Maybe next time. How's it going, Bobby, Landon?"

"Slow," Bobby and Landon replied.

"Eh, I tell you, it's a little sad seeing the Colt like that," Dean stated.

"Well, the only thing it's good for now is figuring out what makes it tick," Bobby said.

"So what makes it tick?" Sam asked.

Bobby looked up – not amused while Landon rolled his eyes.

Sam held his hands up in amusement while Cassidy laughed.

Dean rose. "So, if we want to go check out these omens in Ohio..." he said, teasingly, straight-faced, "...you two think you can have that thing ready by this afternoon?"

Sam chuckled and Cassidy continued laughing. Bobby and Landon stared at him incredulously before the former said, "Well, it won't kill demons by then," he paused a beat, "but I can promise you it'll kill you."

Dean smiled. "All right, come on, we're wasting the daylight."

"See you, Bobby," Sam said.

Sam, Cassidy and Dean started to leave.

"Hey!" Bobby called. "You boys and girl run into anything — anything — you call me or Landon."

They nodded and headed out.

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