Truth or Dare Chapter 12

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We all just stand there. We say nothing. We just stare. Our friends were no longer occupying the bodies. Lifeless.

"Okay guys we all know you're faking!" Tries eddie.

But they are still gone.

"We need to keep looking around before anyone else turns out like the two love birds." Directs Molly.

I try to walk but my legs are really shaky. Garrett puts his arm around my waist and directs me toward the basement stairs again.

"I'm scared." I whisper.

"I'm scared." Jessica mocks in a terrible impression of my voice.

"I'll be right here I promise," Garrett reassures me.

We walk down the steps huddled in the group, leaving the bodies to lie as they are. Where's this killer even at? Who is it and why are they after me?

We walk back to the door where we were before the 'Paul and Rachael incident'.

"Okay let's pick up from where we were," starts Jessica, "truth or dare?"

I roll my eyes at the stupidity of her question but just answer with a simple "truth" so I don't have to open the door.

"Who did you like?" She asks with a wide grin on her face. She was the only one who knew I liked Garrett but she wanted me to admit it to the group.

I take a deep breath and mumble out "Garrett."

The whole group smiles and Garrett and my faces' turn bright red. As the group chats about the newly found gossip, I grab for the door handle. I slowly pull on the door. The sudden creak stops the group mid-sentence.

The room is dark. Too dark to see what is inside. We all slowly make our way in. Garrett slowly reaches his hand down to meet my sweaty hand. Our fingers interlock as we walk further into the room, nobody leaving anyone's side.

"Look for a light switch." I say quietly, even though I don't know why.

"Found it!" Announces Danielle as she pulls the cord from the ceiling. Right as they turn on, she lets out a blood curtailing scream. Knife in her chest.


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