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a couple of days later

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a couple of days later...

Lexx was laying in Von's bed with his head on her chest. She spent the night last night and planned on spending the day with him because she had to go to a club promotion in LA. Her face was on the flier, she couldn't not show up.

Once she told Von about the event, he was instantly clingier. She was going far, and he was sad that he couldn't go with her, and that she would be away from him for two whole days. An entire weekend without seeing her. He barely wanted to stay away from her last night when they were all at Durk's house having a barbecue.

He thought that she looked so beautiful and wanted to touch her all the time and be in her skin. He didn't though, he watched himself because he knew that Durk and Blay could be around at any moment.

Lexx carefully moved his head off her chest, laying it on the pillow. She went into his bathroom, doing her morning routine.

When she was finished, she went to the kitchen that she'd made him stock. She told him that he needed more home cooked meals, and only agreed to stock his kitchen if she agreed to cook for him.

He knew house, but he was busy most of the time.

She pulled out ingredients for a simple breakfast meal.

Eggs, grits, sausage, bacon, and waffles.

She powered on the speakers, put it on low volume, and turned on her playlist on Apple Music. She mixed the waffle mix and put it on the griddle. She mixed the eggs and poured then into the pan.

She was in the middle of plating the food, when she felt arms snake around her waist.

"Good morning baby," he kissed her neck.

"Good morning," she said back.

He passed him the plate and he took it, going to sit at the table.

"I heard you last night," Alexus looked at Von and his fork paused for a second before he started eating again.

"What you mean," he asked, still looking down at his food. Her face went flat.

He knew what she was talking about, he thought that she was sleep. They feel asleep on the couch watching movies after they came from Durk's house, so he took her upstairs, laid her in the bed with a kiss on her head and whispered I love you.

"Did you mean it," she asked him.

He looked her straight in her eyes, "Yes. I've known for a short amount of time. I just thought it was too early"

"Then say it again," she said.

"I love you Alexus," he let out shaky breath.

"I love you too Dayvon," he felt his heart flutter and he smiled, "Now finish your food so we can get ready."

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