34. Bedtime Stories

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A cloud covered moon panned to a billboard advertising the building of new homes. "ONCE UPON A TIME..." in big letters, with a subtitle: "All homes were built this well" Below were descriptions of "3 & 4 bedroom luxury homes, 2 & 3 bedroom townhomes, etc. Available this Spring"


Three heavy-set men were having a conversation in the distance.

"Yeah, me too."

"Come on guys, let's get it together. You're on brick."

"Yeah, I know, but I—"

"You're the brick guy and I'm the wood guy. That's the way it's always been."

"All I asked I just wanted someone to pick the color of bricks!"

"Okay, then you know what, it's gotta be you."

"(inaudible) not my responsibility!"

A growling sound was heard.

"Hey, what was that?" Kyle asked.

"I don't know, a dog maybe?" Emmett replied.

"That's a hell of a dog."

"Okay, we got a crew coming in the morning," Jack said. "Look at this wood, huh?! Look at it, it's crap! Where'd you order it from?"

"Same place as always," Emmett stated.

"Shoulda used the cinder block, like I wanted," Kyle muttered.

"You know what? Here we go again. You are not in charge," Jack told him.

"Hey, you're a bunch of girls. Look, it comes down to this, okay? One gust of wind and the whole place is gonna blow over!"

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever," Emmett retorted.

More sounds were audible.

"Did you hear that?" Kyle asked.

"Hear what?" Jack wondered.

Kyle's brothers walked off to a wood podium. Kyle hung back and moved in the direction of the noise. Kyle peered around a digger. There was nothing there. Kyle shook his head, literally snorting like a pig.

"Kyle, c'mon let's go," Emmett said.

"'Kay man I'll go warm up the truck," Kyle replied.

Kyle closed on Emmett. They watched as Jack was suddenly dragged behind a stack of piping. Emmett screamed and pulled over a floodlight. There was a growling as the light fell. Blood sprayed up on the driver's door of the truck. Kyle ran.

"JACK!" Emmett cried.

Kyle hunkered down and hid behind a stack of concrete blocks.

Something jumped out and attacked Emmett. Blood sprayed across plans at the podium.

Kyle continued to hide. There were no sounds. Kyle moved around the concrete blocks and saw Emmett lying on the ground, a blood pool from his mouth. He was dead.

He heard the growling begin again, and footsteps, and turned his head; something attacked Kyle and he screamed.


Crickets chirped.

A bullfrog sat on the highway and croaked.

Dean's Impala raced along. It hit a puddle and sprayed water as the frog hopped out of the way, just in time.


Sam, angry, said, "I don't understand, Dean. Why not?"

"Because I said so," Dean replied.

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