Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

"I'm sorry,"

Tears escape my eyes without my command to do so. It slid down my cheeks, the ones that he would hold in his hands. Hearing the tears hit the icy floor like raindrops, was hard enough for me.

I fell to my knees and cradled Duke into my arms. Finally letting my tears flow as I hold him close to me. The days I spent wanting to be in his arms. For him to smile at me and make me feel loved. The days that I never went cold.

"I'm so sorry, Duke. I had to. I had no choice." I whispered to him as my tears fall on his cheeks.

I place my hand on his cheek, delicately wiping away my tears. Fearing that any moment, he would break like ice. His warm skin radiated heat onto my cold hand. I relish that heat because things from me never felt warm anyways. Only with Duke.

His warm skin turned cold under my touch as I use my cold flames to make it cold. I have to get him prepared. The cold flames slowed his heart rate until it seems like he was dead. Though he wasn't, he was just going to be in slumber until someone finds him.

The sound of footsteps could he heard coming into the house as I pulled my hand away and let him go from my arms. His body goes limp onto the floor like a dead corpse. My father appeared in front of me as I stared at Duke, still with tears in my eyes.

"Is he dead?" He asked grinning at me.

"Yes.." I lied before looking away as if I couldn't bear the sight of a dead Duke on the floor.

My father moved towards his body and places his finger onto the side of Duke's neck, waiting for a pulse of a heartbeat but none came. He moved away before pulling me into his arms, as a fatherly gesture to a heartbroken girl.

"I know dear, it's hard to kill someone you love but it's for the best. After all he would have been a weakness to you like your mother was to me." I felt my eyes close shut.

This cruel man. This evil man. How can the world produce someone so evil? What cause a man like this, to become so evil that he uses his own family powers to show the world that he is strong. That he has the power to do anything while his family suffer against their wills in the sidelines.

This man, killed my mother. To gain her powers which were once so beautiful but now so hideous in the control of my father. For my mother was able to control light, my father turned that light into darkness.

For light to ever be known as light, there must first be darkness and that was my father. Who betrayed her, in return for her powers. The power that made her one of the most powerful elementals of this world and made my father the most dangerous. I will never forgive this man for all the damage he has done. For the things he has made me do to people. The suffering I have cause because of him. I would certainly die killing him. If I want the world to be rid of my father's darkness, I need to kill him.

"Always telling me that this was none of my business when it really was."

A smile rolled onto my face as I thought of Duke. How he would probably call be an idiot for taking up this task but it has to be done. The times I would say it was none of his business but yet, he continued to fight and burn for me. Something that I thought was lost forever as I walk this path alone.

"Please Winter."

My father let go off me, quicker than a girl seeing a cockroach. He definately have no love in him, all that is pure has turn into sorrow and pain. The pain of losing a loved one especially someone he killed.

"You look just like your mother everyday. Such a beautiful creature whose powers shouldn't be taken for granted. She was like an angel, too good to be true but you my dear are the real thing." He said looking at me like a piece of meat.

I knew what was to come, with father. I was another angel for him. He might think that he can manipulate me into doing things for him but I know a catch when I see one. I wasn't going to give him my life over anythings. If he wanted it as bad as he did for mother, than he will be died before getting these powers. I wasn't going to let him get them for evil.

"Ready to go and destroy more cities, my dear." He smirked at me.

"Yes, father." I said knowing the consequences if I don't.

My father walked out of the door first, soon I followed him out the doors of my first home. The place that started it all. The place that looked after me for years but never really cared for me. I wished I could turn around and take a good look at Duke, just one last time. Before I go.

Before everything will change forever as Duke will no longer My father taking the lead like usual. Leading me to the next city I must destroy in order to protect her.

The girl, I needed to protect will live while I will die for her life. A sacrifice for another. No war is ever a war without the loss of a life of a solider. Duke would be so happy with that girl rather than me. I knew it for sure.

He would love her.

The temperature of the room dropped back to normal temperature as the ice disappeared. There was no trace of any life now inside the room, except...

a heartbeat.

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