Chapter-47|Rain on Parade

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"So, that went well

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"So, that went well." I say with a subconscious smile on my face, stepping inside our room.

The click of the lock sounds in the room as Ethan comes up and presses a kiss on my head before walking ahead and taking off his jacket. "It went better than well."

I sit on the edge of the bed and bend down to get rid of my heels, but before my hands could even touch them, a hand wraps around my ankle. I flutter my eyelashes to find Ethan kneeling before me.

He doesn't look up at me when he whispers, "Let me."

While he works on removing my heels, I take the time to look at his handsome face. His eyes which always look like molten chocolate are staring intently as his fingers work on the latch as if trying his best not to mess up, and the thought makes me smile softly. But when I look closer, I find myself frowning.

The usual lightness to his features is missing. There's a slight numbness to his expression, almost like he's trying to control his emotions from reflecting on his face.

I sit there silently watching Ethan, trying to understand what's going on, but a notification from my phone interrupts my thoughts. Reaching behind, I grab Ethan's suit jacket as I remember handing over my phone to him when we went to the dance floor. Just as I take out my phone from his pocket, both my heels are off my feet and Ethan places a kiss on my knee before getting up and walking into the bathroom, silently.

Looking at the now-closed bathroom door, I think about what could have put a damper on Ethan's mood. Every imaginable situation runs through my mind, but none of them is plausible enough for him to ruin his mood at his brother's wedding.

Was it something I said? Something I did?

I practically met everyone Ethan's ever known today, so it's kind of hard to remember everything I did or said.

Wait a minute.

I met everyone from Ethan's close family and friends and every time I was introduced as Ethan's girlfriend. What if he didn't want to introduce me as his girlfriend yet? We've never talked about meeting families or, in his case, practically the whole town.

He didn't seem upset when everyone kept asking us about our relationship, though. Just as I start to calm down, another thought hits me. Obviously, he'll not say it in front of his whole family.

Oh, my god. Is this what it is?

Before any more thoughts could invade my mind, my phone rings with another notification. I close my eyes because of the frustration that fills me. I'm already over in my head and this constant noise of notifications isn't helping. Sighing, I unlock my phone to notice two new messages. One was a reminder of my flight and another one was a message from my mom asking about the said flight.

My flight to New York.

I still haven't told Ethan about New York or the gala.

So, there's that.

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