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A/N: just a note, this story is going to start getting more sexual.
I've been getting lots of hateful comments in previous chapter, so I would just like to say, if you don't want sexual, please click out of this story. I honestly cannot take these comments anymore even when I put a warning. I know what I'm writing about so please stop being mean.
Kinks are in the welcome chapter!

Sofia's POV:

"You get your cute bum back over here little girl!" Daddy said as he chased me through the house. I giggled as I kept on running, going around the island counter, then out of the kitchen to the living room.

"No! Never!" I giggled.

Daddy needs to change me. I don't want him too. So I took off running when he tried to change me.

I knew he was playing with me. Daddy is much taller than me, making him much faster than me, yet he still hasn't caught me.

It just makes this more fun.

He cornered me though. I was standing in front of the couch and he was standing behind it. I panted as I looked up at him with a smile.

"Don't you want to get out of that wet diaper baby girl?" He asked.

"Yes." I said.

"Then let daddy change you."


"And why not?"

"You're gonna see my kitty." I said.

"Daddy has seen your kitty many many times."

"Not this time."

"Oh yes this time."

"Daddy can't see my kitty."

"Is that really?"


"Why can daddy see your kitty."

"Cause it's wet."

"Of course it's wet baby, your diaper is wet."

"Nooo it was wet before I wet myself. It was wet when I got to see daddy change."

His lips tugged into a grin as he chuckled. "Why wouldn't you tell me you were wet?"

"Because I didn't know if you would touch me."

"Oh princess, all you need to do is ask politely for your daddy to touch you and he will."

"Okay. Can you please touch me."

"As soon as I change that diaper."

"No!" I said and took off running.

"Oh, we're doing this again." He said and came after me.

I ran towards the front of the house, and that's when the door opened, Paul and Nate being on the other side. I took that to advantage.

"You better not run out of this house little girl!" Daddy warned, and I knew he was being serious.

So I didn't run out of the house, I just ran behind Nate and Paul after they took a step into the house.

"What is going on here?" Paul asked.

"Daddy is trying to get me!" I exclaimed.

"Daddy is trying to change you!" Daddy exclaimed back.

"No changing me!" I raised my voice.

"You're gonna get in trouble." Nate said to me.

"Come here little one." Daddy said to me. I shook my head no. "Three," he started. I didn't move. "Two," still no movement. "Oneeee."

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