Truth or Dare Chapter 13

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I notice now that Garrett was no longer holding my hand when I went to hold onto him. He is crouched over Danielle's body looking at the markings. I walk over to get a better look. I suddenly get distracted by something shiny. I walk over to see the missing knife from the block. As I walk over to pick it up, I notice something. A hand behind a covered up chair. I walk over to only reveal another dead body. This one was an older lady. Her body slashed close to Rachael and Paul's. It must have been the same person. But why wasn't Danielle killed like that? My mind flowed with questions that distracted me from our current predicament.

"Madi what are you doing?" Asked Eddie with a tear in his eye.

"B-b-body." I managed to stutter out.

The whole group walks over to look at her body as I move over to Danielle's body. A stab right in the heart. The knife was gone. How could the killer have gotten past us when we went to see Paul and Rachael then sneak out of this room?

"It must have been Gretel." Jessica realizes," you know the one who came through to us on the ouija board."

"Probably. Now lets get out of here I'm getting the creeps!" Molly says.

"Wait are we just leaving all the bodies lying around?" I ask felling chills in my body.

"Do YOU want to pick then?" Asks Eddie.

"Well no.." I stutter out.

"Good lets go!" Garrett now joins in with the group.


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