28| Sexual

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"Is this going to be like the list?" I asked my daddy. I was sitting on his lap at the dining room table, leaning my back against his chest. I could've sat on the chair next to him, but I mean, if I get the opportunity to sit on his lap, I will.

There's always something in his pocket though when I sit on his lap at certain times.

Like now!

"Possibly." Daddy said as he wrote the word Sexual at the top of the page. "I want you to write down all the things you like when it comes down to sexual matter. It could be physical, or verbal. It could be names you like to be called, or ways you'd like to be touched. And most importantly, things you like to do. Like, kinks."

"Okay." That sounds like fun.

My daddy may not know this, but I really like when he touches me.

I mean, really really like.

I've only had sex with one guy in high school, and it lasted two minutes, so I'd like to think of that not counting.

Anyways, I don't have that much sexual experience, but once in a while before I met my daddy, I did do things on my own to make me feel good. And I watched certain videos to discover what I like.

I like a lot of things.

"Okay princess, can you fill out some of these spots here. Write down everything you like and put an X or check mark beside this very top thigh. Okay?"

"Okay daddy." I said and reached forward and grabbed a purple crayon out of the box. Y'know what? This calls for red. I quickly changed the purple for red, then started writing things down on the paper.

His hand was under my shirt as I wrote, it was rubbing my tummy, making me feel really relaxed.

I wiggled around on daddy's lap as I wrote, trying to make the hard thing in his pocket comfortable to me, until it finally got nestled between my legs, pressing right into my kitty.

I was only wearing a shirt and panties...

Daddy groaned quietly and I quickly looked back at him. "Are you okay daddy?" I asked. 

"Mhm. You just keep on going. You're being very good." He said.

I smiled and looked back down at the paper.

I'm being very good.


After a couple more minutes, I was done.

"Done daddy!" I said.

"Good girl." Daddy said and took the paper from me, looking it over.

This is how it went:


I, Sofia Fizz, give consent to doing anything sexual while being in my little space _ ✔️

Things I'd enjoy

• Impact: spanking with hand
• Exhibition: public touching
• Bondage: ropes and cuffs
• Chocking
• Toys: vibrators!
• Humiliation
• Degrading
• Somnophilia
• Bladder control
• Denial

Safe word: Mango

"My my, I have a kinky little girl." Daddy said as he read over the list.

"You don't have to do all of that!" I said quickly.

"I see you put an exclamation mark beside vibrators." He hummed.

"... I like vibrators." I whispered.

"Do you?"

I nodded.

"Are- are you a daddy dom? Do you like this sexual side?" I asked.

"Mm, I love this side." He said.

"Then why didn't we make this list earlier on?"

"I wanted to take things slow. I didn't want to scare you off. And it's so important to me that you are comfortable. You writing this list and being honest shows you are comfortable to show me your freaky side."

"Freaky side?" I giggled.

"Freaky side." He chuckled. "So now that we made this list, daddy has some rules. Turn around on my lap baby."

I quickly did that, so I was now straddling his lap, facing him. "Rules?" I cocked my head to the side.

"Yes baby girl, rules." He said.

"What are the rules?"

"Daddy is the dom, okay? You do not get to be in charge." He said to me.

"Okay." I said. I like having daddy dominate me without being sexual, and I liked when he was dominant when he touched me the few times before. But I know he can be a lot more dominant than before.

"You will get slaps on your bum if you misbehave."


"There will be no squirming or fighting against me. I will only stop if you say your safe word."


"Mango." He repeated. "If you whine and say stop,"

"You won't unless I say my safe word."

"Correct." He said and gave my bum a little pat. "Those are daddy's top rules. More will be added as time goes along, but I expect you remember them well so daddy doesn't need to repeat them to you often."

"Okay." I said.

He leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine, giving me a sweet, gentle, kiss.

"Daddy." I said against his lips.

"Princess." He said back against mine.

"Shouldn't we have sex? Isn't it weird that we haven't?"

"Of course not baby." He said in a second. "Like I said, we took things slow in this relationship. And really, there is no rush to have sex. Daddy can think of a million different ways to make his baby girl cum."

My cheeks went red as I bowed my head, looking between our bodies.

"We can have sex whenever you want Sofia." He said. "If you asked me to sit you down on this table and fuck you, I would. If you told me you never wanted my dick in you, guess what? It's never going in you."

"I want it to come organically." I mumbled.

"Organically." He chuckled, "what a big girl word that was."

"I know! I heard it in Doc McStuffins yesterday!" I exclaimed. He chuckled again and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me into hug him. I wasted no time in hugging him back tightly.

"I love you daddy." I said. "So much. Like, so so much. To the moon and back. You're the best daddy."

"And you're the best princess." He said and kissed my cheeks. "Daddy loves you little one."

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