chapter seven

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07 x how do feelings?


Once we'd made it to her room, Wanda had effectively shoo'ed her brother. She seemed to be the only one capable of handling him and all his quirks, which definitely was impressive.

She'd waved me toward her bed, and I'd taken a seat obediently, watching as she went through a considerably large closet. She'd asked me several different questions as I sat there, everything from "You wear dresses?" to "Do you like black?" to "How about tights? Do you have boots? What shoe size are you?"

After we'd established that I was already wearing boots, yes tights and dresses were acceptable, and I really didn't mind black, she was ushering me into her closet and pushing a half-leather black dress into my arms. Thankfully, she stayed in the room, and shut me into the closet, giving me the necessary privacy to change.

The dress didn't look that bad (that is, while I was holding it) but it did seem like it would be too big. Instead of arguing about that, I changed, (in the process recognizing the biggest problem was the lack of, ah, chest I had to hold up said dress) before looking around the closet curiously. It only took me a few extra seconds to find a belt, and probably a minute to figure out how to make the belt look like it belonged with the dress.

Either way, by the time I emerged I was at least comfortable, and from the broad grin Wanda gave me, apparently I looked fine. "Wow," she laughed, gesturing that I spin around.

I did so, a small smile tugging at my lips. "Is wow good?"

"Wow's great," she laughed, crossing her arms over her chest. "I am sorry if it's a bit big, though it appears you have figured out how to solve that issue."

It was my turn to laugh then. "Thanks, Wanda. I really appreciate this."

She waved a hand dismissively, smiling all the while. "It is no problem, Megan. Perhaps while we are out today, we can find you some clothes that actually fit."

"That'd be nice," I mused in agreement.

Wanda nodded. "For now, though, I suppose we should leave. The captain and the others are all waiting in the lobby," she explained, heading out of her room.

I followed after her. "It's good I have you, then, 'cause this Tower's still a maze to me."

She chuckled. "You will figure it out soon enough, I am confident."

"That makes one of us."

Her laughter helped me further relax. Wanda seemed . . . entirely amiable. It was nice, especially since she was the only other female of the Avengers that I had met so far. It was especially nice because she was around my age; I hadn't had a lady friend around my age in . . . I wasn't even sure how long.


[ Third Person POV ]

Between Bucky's grumbling at having to wear a jacket in such nice weather, and Sam's constant giddiness at the fact that he was finally getting to get out of the Tower, Steve was wondering why in the world he had agreed to this outing. At the moment, the only one who wasn't annoying him was Pietro- which made zero sense.

When he looked to the speedster, he was standing beside Bucky, one leg jiggling up and down, arms crossed tight over his chest, blue eyes darting from the elevator to his companions. At first, Steve thought maybe he was just impatient about waiting on his sister.

Then he remembered Wanda wasn't the only female in their current grouping.

Apparently, Bucky was having similar thoughts. He elbowed Pietro, brows arched. "What'cha thinking 'bout, speedy?"

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