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two months later

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two months later...

Alexus sat in Von's bed finishing a bag of hot chips she'd had a taste for.

She'd been at his house almost every day for the past two months. Nobody had talked to him or seen him. Not even a lawyer.

Her brother had been trying everything to even just find where he was being held. She put on a strong face when she was around like they were just friends but when she was behind closed doors, she let all of her emotions loose. India came around and checked on her a lot because she knew ow much Lexx was affected.

She walked downstairs to throw her chip bags in the trash when she heard the front door open, and she knew that she locked it.

She went into the kitchen drawer to pull out the gun that she kept there and went towards the front door.

She quickly dropped it when she seen a child in a girl's arms. The girl looked at her in shock.

"Sorry about that," Lexx mumbled.

"Who are you," the girl asked.

"I'm a friend. Who are you," Lexx tilted her head to the side.

"I'm Dayvon's sister Kayla. You must be Alexus?"

"Yeah, I've heard about you from your brother."

"I've heard about you to," Kayla smiled, "All he did was talk about you when he came around."

"He told me a lot about you too. Good things," she assured, "This must be Grandbabii."

When he heard his name, his head popped up off of Kayla's shoulder. He started to look around, taking in the familiar space.

"Yeah. I'm sorry to come, but he lost his bear that he naps with, and Von has like four here," she explained.

"It's perfectly fine, you can go right on up. It was nice to meet you," Lexx said.

"It was nice to meet you too," Kayla replied before disappearing up the stairs.

Lexx sat down on the couch thinking about what Kayla told her.

He had told his family about her.

Soon, Kayla came back down the stairs, bear in hand.

"Lexx," Kayla called and she hummed in response, "Von told me that y'all was private, but I think that you should tell your brothers. Other people shouldn't be able to hinder love."

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