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4 days later

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4 days later...

"Hold your arms above your head and just leaned into it a little," the photographer instructed Alexus.

Lexx had been accepting a lot more promotions and offers from companies. She'd schedule photoshoots for some companies' clothes until she was four months, and she still wasn't showing. Other promotions were food places, clubs, wigs, and jewelry.

And of course, she had turned down the offers that she'd gotten from hookah lounges.

"That's good, thank you for your time," the photographer told her.

"Thank you for having me," she replied before going to the dressing room to but her clothes back on.

She put her clothes back on and waved bye to the few people she met during the shoot.

Getting into her car, she decided to find somewhere to eat.

"What we want to eat today," she rubbed her belly and scrolled on her phone looking through the many options that Atlanta held.

After choosing a wing place she put the location into her GPS before following the route.

She pulled up to the place getting out, and saw people with camera everywhere. She instantly knew that somebody famous was in there. She slipped on her shades and large hat on her head that she kept in the backseat.

She squeezed through the people and made it to the door. When she walked in she didn't see anybody familiar, so she didn't know what all the hype was.

"Can I have a 12-piece lemon pepper hot and wet, all flats, with a roll instead of toast, ranch, and a lemonade to drink," she ordered with a smile.

"That's it," the cashier rolled her eyes.

"Yes, that's all," she said trying to stay positive.

"16.91," she held her hand out for the money.

"She would like something else," someone said from her.

"A better attitude and whoever you manager is," he spoke.

Alexus swiped her card, and the girl walked off to go get her manager Lexx guessed.

"Thank you, I'm trying to stay positive because Christmas right around the corner," she explained.

"You good," he smiled at her, and he held his hand out to her.

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