29| Present

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Tate's POV:

"I don't wanna leave daddy." Sofia pouted from inside her bubble bath. I gave her one last night but she really wanted to play with her toys tonight so I pinned up her hair and let her play.

"You've been on there for an hour now baby. That heat isn't good for your head." I said as I picked her toys out of the tub and dried them with a towel, then placed them back in her toy basket.

"But I like it in here." She huffed. I stood up and brought the basket to its place under the sink, then walked back over to her and reached in the tub, pulling the plug. "Daddy." She whined.

"Y'know, daddy had a present to give to his little girl, but maybe she should get it when she's better behaved." I hummed as I picked her up to her feet. She gasped.

"No! I'm a good girl!" She said quickly. I chuckled to myself as I wrapped a towel around her, scooped her up, then sat her on the counter.

I dried her off with the towel then unpinned her hair, brushed through it, then pulled it up into high pigtails to keep her hair out of her way.

She sat patiently for me when I walked into the bedroom and grabbed something for her, then went back to her.

She smiled cutely at the sight of her purple velvet collar.

I wrapped it around her neck and did it up, snug but not too tight on her neck, then picked her up on my hip and carried her to the bedroom where I sat her down kneeling on the bed.

I grabbed the box wrapped in light purple wrapping paper from the top of the dresser then walked over to my baby.

"Here you go honey." I said and passed it to her.

She took it with a little bounce and quickly tore off the paper.

She gasped when she saw the box and looked up at me with a wide smile.

"I love it daddy!" She squealed. She looked back down at her toy. "Can you open it— can you use it on me?!" She gasped.

"Slow down baby. Daddy will open it." I said with a smirk and took the box from her, opening it up and taking out the purple silicone vibrator.

"It's purple!" She exclaimed.

My goodness, she's adorable.

"I'll be right back honey. It needs batteries."

"Okay!" She's super excited for this.

I shook my head a little as I walked out of the room, going to the kitchen and got an AA battery then opened the top of the toy and put the battery in.

I walked back to my little girl. "Lay back baby, on the pillows." I instructed and she quickly scrambled to do that.

I grabbed a tie from my closet then got onto the bed and grabbed her hands, tying her wrists together.

She looked up at me with pouted lips and big eyes. "You move a lot princess. This'll train you to keep still." I laid her arms above her head then put a pillow over her hands. "I don't want this pillow moving."

"Okay daddy." She whispered.

I kissed the tip of her nose, making her scrunch her face up and smile up at me.

I sat back on my knees then separated her legs. Just before I turned on the toy, I tapped her thigh. "No swearing, no moving your hips, and ask to cum. Okay? Be a good girl for daddy."

"I will." She just couldn't get that smile off her face.

I clicked on the toy to the lowest buzzing setting then gently touched it to her inner thigh. I watched as she but down on her lower lip and lifted her head a little, watching as I slowly dragged the toy up her skin.

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