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Lillys POV

What an asshole i though as we walked with the two guys back to there pack. The tall one kept looking back at me like if he expects me to pull out a gun and shoot him. Which dosent sound that bad.

We came to the pack gates and i could see a little girl with midnight hair and stunning blue eyes, i smiled as she peeked through a hole and watched us.

When we got closer she ran off calling "mommy,daddy!" her voice was so cheerfull like a bundle of joy.

As they opend the huge steel gates i looked over to the cuple before us. The little girl was with them and i could feel the power raid off of the cuple.

But what surprised me was the way he looked at hanna, and hanna looked stright back.

They both stared at each other than it hit me mates!. There was a possibility that it could be but why was there another female with him and she looked pregnant.

The little girl noticed how hanna was now staring down at her. she cuddled closer to her mom and the man pat her head.

Oh no! Dont tell me this alpha had another family with another person! My hands tighen to a fist making my knuckles go white. Hanna saw this and touched my sholder making me calm down abit.

The family stared walking towerds us "hi im the female alpha of the new moon pack,anna " the lady said kindly. She hold out her hand to shake, i took her hand and shaked it "nice to meet you im lilly" i said.

Lilly if i know you better i bet you might have thought he was my mate and want to kill him now hanna told me through mind-link. Yes you are right. It told her

Rember what amy said we might think he is my mate but we wont fine out intell we touch. She told me

"Im the alpha of the new moon pack and this is my mate and our daughter Elizabeth,colt " the man said and hugged his wife and his daughter. "I am the female alpha of the crimson dagger pack, and this is my dear friend lill" hanna said and hold out her hand to shake but the man only turned around and mentioned us to follow him.

I growled he knows hanna is his mate and is trying to avoid the touch sence he already has a family! I was mad now.

I looked over to hanna her eyes that once had the spark of hope was now gone, the spark was gone and i could see hanna just wanted to cry.

We followed them and the man looked back once in a while and looked at hanna. He saw the hurt in her eyes.

Seeing hanna hurt made me sad but mad too. At the jackass that was walking ahead of us.

I know from that moment things are only going to get harder and sadder for hanna but some ones bound to get hurt if this keeps up.

Some off lillys thoughts about colt or as she calls him the jackass. Next chapter to going to be hannas thoughts...

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