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'Scott Smajor, it is my request that you shall now find a future husband, a partner for you to love and rule the Ice kingdom and take over my place when you're king, son.' His father nodded to him, Scott sighed and nodded, 'Yes father, I'll make sure I'll find someone . . .' He nodded his head, however, he didn't feel any romantic or sexual attraction to anyone in any kingdom, he didn't want someone, or anyone to be his lover! He didn't find himself liking anyone in the other kingdoms! But he knew he had to, there was no way he could escape the fate.

'Good, I hope for you to find someone, someone from another empire but the Ocean kingdom as they are our enemies, I'd be ashamed if you had a liking to the prince or princess.' His father grunted, Scott didn't get why they were the Ice kingdoms "enemies", he'd never spoken about it and never wanted to because it always made his father angry.

But . . . I don't see why I have to be with someone, does he think I'm incapable of running this kingdom alone? Scott thought, he nodded to his father and took a breath, 'Were shall I go first?' He asked, his father smiled softly and chuckled, 'Don't worry about that! I'm not saying you're going now! There will be a meeting held by the prince of the Smoke kingdom, he's really handsome as I heard and I think might take a liking to you!' His father laughed, Scott dreaded as he heard rumours about that prince.

They said he's not nice, they said he's demanding unlike his sister, Scott shook off the thought and reconsidered, maybe he's . . . Alright? I'll never know until I meet him . . . 'So, when's the meeting?' He asked his father, 'Tonight, you'll meet everyone but I swear do not talk to the prince or princess of the Ocean kingdom, otherwise, there will be . . . consequences.' His father finished, casting a stern glare at Scott.

Scott shuddered and nodded, 'Y-Yes father, I promise I won't talk to the Ocean kingdoms son and daughter!' Scott nodded, his father can be cruel, he had told Scott to not go near the border where the Ice kingdom and Ocean kingdom split apart, but in order to get to the Smoke kingdom I have to cross through there . . . He shook the thought and curtsied to his father that was sitting on his throne before leaving the room.

Scott went back to his room and made sure to be very care with every step he took, not wanting to damage his elegant white dress. He sat down on his bed, he looked out of his window and admired the beauty of the Ice kingdom, he looked over and saw the pines with snow slowly melting and leading to the Ocean empire, it's tall castle that he heard the princess had built all by herself.

She must be strong, he thought, she wouldn't need a partner, she sound like an independent woman . . . He thought, Scott stopped gazing from the window and took his dress off and untied his corset, letting out a breath of relief.

And I have to wear this shit the entire night, he thought, he his beautiful and pristine white clothing on the bed, he got his comfortable sweater and shorts on before resting on his bed and sleeping through the afternoon, he waited for the night to arrive and get ready for the prince and princesses Royal meeting . . .


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