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Scott woke up and yawned, he looked at the time and saw it was eight pm, early as always . . . He thought, he tied on his corset and put on his dress and got a jacket, 'Have a good time son! And remember, do not talk to the prince and princess of the Ocean kingdom alright?' His father called to him as he left through the front door. 'Yes yes I remember!' He huffed, he left and started walking through the town, waving "hi" to many of the townsfolk.

Once he entered the Ocean empires border, he felt slight fear, he screamed when feeling another body tackle him down to the ground and pin him down, holding his hands down. 'H-Hey get off me!' He yelped, he looked at the face and saw it was the prince of the Ocean kingdom, the others eyes widened and he stumbled back.

'O-Oh! I apologise!' He bowed to him, Scott raised one eyebrow and crossed his arms, 'Why did you attack me? You're lucky I'm wearing a jacket otherwise you'd get my dress dirty!' He huffed, the prince bowed and took Scott's hand while smirking, 'I can make it up to you~' Scott blushed and felt a gay panic rise.

Oh shit shit shit! He pushed the prince off and shook his head, 'Listen, I know all the princes and princesses need to find a partner but if you're going to do that to me, don't expect it.' Scott said, eyeing the dirty blonde, the blonde's smile still stung his lips and he chuckled, 'Well, I assume you're from the Ice kingdom, right?' The blonde asked, Scott nodded while pulling his hand away from the others.

'You're from the Ocean kingdom, correct?' He asked, the blonde nodded and Scott tilted his head, one, why is he being so friendly and flirty even though our kingdoms are enemies? Two, what the fuck is his actual name? 'But, I thought out kingdoms were enemies? Why are you being so . . . "Friendly"?' He asked the blonde, the blonde shrugged, 'I just think that no kingdoms are actually enemies! I think they just haven't known each other well enough and assumed the worst!' Jimmy smiled at the other prince, making the other blush.

'Hm, you're really sweet!' Scott giggled, making the blonde blush, 'B-By the way, what's your name?' He asked the blonde while the two were both walking to the Smoke kingdom, 'My name is Jimmy! How about you?' He asked, smiling cheerfully at the shorter, 'My name is Scott, it's good to meet you Jimmy!' He smiled softly at Jimmy, Jimmy laughed and smiled, 'Friends?' Jimmy asked the cyanette, 'Friends.' Scott nodded, smiling at the taller one.

The two knew that they had to keep it a secret from their parents otherwise they'd both get in trouble, 'We have to keep this a secret, our friendship, don't we?' Jimmy muttered, Scott nodded and sighed, 'I just wish both of our kingdoms weren't enemies, do you know why they're enemies?' Scott sighed but then asked Jimmy, Jimmy shook his head and sighed.

'I agree, my mum always said that Ice kingdom people had cold hearts and would kill people for fun, I believed it at first but not anymore since . . . I met you,' Jimmy said, casting a warm glance at Scott, the shorter blushed and softly laughed, 'But, why did you attack me?' He questioned the blonde, 'I'm so sorry for that, I just thought you were a bandit and I was told to always fight the Ice kingdom people.' He sighed, 'By the way, are you okay! I feel like I might've attacked you too hard, are you hurt?' Jimmy looked like he started panicking, Scott shook his head and rubbed the others back.

'Don't worry about me, come on, let's go to the Smoke kingdom, we're early anyway,' Scott sighed, Jimmy nodded and looked at his castle clock, 'Eight twenty pm, it starts at nine fifteen, right?' He asked the cyanette, Scott nodded to the blonde and the two walked side by side, talking to each other lovingly.

But they didn't know that someone was watching them from afar, her eyes glazing with worry and hurt, what will mum think? . . . She thought, her pink hair flowing like the waves of the sea . . .


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