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As the Smoke kingdom prince held the meeting, he started discussing about the partners situation, Scott raised one eye brow when the princes eyes landed on him, 'What even are you? Are princess?' He laughed, that made Scott angry. 'What a way to assume,' he huffed back, eyeing the ginger, 'Well, since you're wearing a dress I would think that you're a princess isn't that right Joel and Sausage?' He asked them, Joel shrugged but Sausage nodded in agreement, smirking at the cyanette.

Bastards . . . Scott thought, until he saw Jimmy stand up from his chair, 'Do not speak to him like that Fwhip! It doesn't matter what someone what's to wear! If they want to wear a suit in they're a female that's fine! If they want to wear a dress and be a male that is fine! Do you have a problem with that?' He growled at the ginger, making the other flinch, 'Woah calm down there 'bud! No need to be so defensive of your boyfriend!' Fwhip scoffed, making the blonde blush but the huff.

'He's not my boyfriend but he is a good friend that I respect!' Jimmy growled, Scott looked at Jimmy and smiled softly, his eyes saying: "Thank you", Jimmy smiled back and sat down again as the ginger kept on rambling about the partners, I guess rumours were true . . . Scott thought, sighing.

When the meeting ended, the pink haired girl pulled the blonde aside, 'What do you think you're doing?' She demanded, Jimmy flinched but then shrugged, 'Lizzie, I don't know what you mean!' He replied, she growled and nudged his shoulder with her hand, 'Oh I don't know! Maybe talking to the prince of the Ice kingdom!' She raised her voice, making the other take s step back.

'Lizzie come on! He's my friend and I . . . respect him very much!' Jimmy smiled sheepishly, earning a glare from his sister, 'Jimmy, we both know that you obviously have feelings for that little blue-haired shit, I thought you said you would listen to mum!' She countered, making the other wince, 'I don't have feelings for him!' He exclaimed, he turned his back and started walking away until he heard his sisters voice again.

'This is wrong and you know it! I have no choice but to tell mum!' She huffed, he looked at her and dreaded, my mum can't know that! She'll kick me out of the kingdom! He thought, he turned to Lizzie and shook his head.

'Lizzie don't!' He whispered, she glared at him and her angry expression faded, causing a frown to appear on her lips, 'Jimmy, you know I have to, she'll find out either way . . .' She sighed, Jimmy tilted his head in confusion, 'I took one of the knights with me as well . . .' She sighed, making the blonde flinch.

The knight appeared behind her and looked at Jimmy with fury in his eyes, 'You! You traitor of the Ocean kingdom!' He glared at the blonde, the blonde shrunk back and gasped when the knight took his arm, 'Lizzie . . .' He muttered, she shook her head and followed behind the knight, looking down at the ground with guilt in her eyes.

Once they arrived, the knight held him to the ground in front of his mother, 'What's going on?' She demanded in a loud voice, 'There is something you need to know about this . . . Boy, and I have backup proof as well,' he nodded when Lizzie came in the room, she looked at Jimmy in confusion.

'What? . . .' She muttered, 'Well, he . . .'


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