5. when he's jealous

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let's face it, michael would be such a tease. he'd have you bound up, pleading for him to do more than lightly caress your body. he'd leave a ton of love bites, making you moan, but nothing would be enough to give you full pleasure. once he teased you, he'd fuck you senseless.


calum would fuck the living daylight out of you. he'd fuck you so hard you wouldn't be able to walk for weeks. he would be like "he can't fuck you this hard, he can't make you feel this good" while pounding you and fuck.


luke would make you cum as much as possible. he'd whisper things like "only i can get you off this much. right?" and a ton of dirty talk. once you told him you couldn't go anymore, he'd go for one more, just to prove you were his.


when ashton got jealous, he would spank the shit out of you. he'd make you be whimpering from the smacks, begging him to do more. he'd love hearing you beg for him, knowing it was only him who could please you this way.

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