Chapter-49|Parent Problems (1)

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It's way past midnight when we stumble back inside the house after our date

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It's way past midnight when we stumble back inside the house after our date. I took him to my favorite Italian restaurant in the city, considering he absolutely loves Italian cuisine.

Instead of taking the car, we went the New York way and traveled via the subway. It again reminded me of all the reasons I avoid the subway, but somehow, being with Ethan made that experience a lot more bearable since we talked all the way.

In retrospect, maybe not taking the car wasn't the brightest idea, because I can literally feel the heel of my feet throbbing in pain. After a point on our way back, I took my heels off and walked barefoot, which, again, was not the brightest idea, but still better than inches of heels stabbing my feet.

With my hand engulfed in Ethan's, we walked through the threshold of my house. "I can't believe she actually asked for your number while we were on a date," I say, with laughter bubbling from my throat in disbelief. I try to be quieter, considering everyone else must be sleeping. I don't even know if my parents are in the house or not, since we left before they got back.

Ethan chuckles along with me as he swings our engulfed hands back and forth. "Well, in her defense, she didn't know it was a date."

While we were eating in the very fancy restaurant, which also had a bar, a girl walked up to our table and, to our surprise, asked for Ethan's number. It didn't surprise me she asked for Ethan's number. It surprised me that she asked for it while we were on a date.

"I could've guessed, considering we kissed like a second ago." I say, looking at Ethan from the corner of my eyes. It was obviously a date, considering how intimately we were talking and the kiss was a dead giveaway, to be honest.

Ethan opens his mouth to counter me, but nothing comes out. "You're right."

As we start walking up the stairs to my room, I tug on Ethan's hands and stop him. "I need a glass of water." I mention with pursed lips.

Chuckling at my antics, Ethan places a kiss on our entwined hands. "Why don't you go upstairs and change while I get it for you?"

Smiling gratefully, I lean up to take my pair of heels from his other hand and peck him on the lips, "You're the best boyfriend ever."

"For getting you water?" He chuckles with a raised eyebrow. "You took me on a date, Reed. I think you're the best girlfriend."

"But you got me flowers." I say with a pout.

He grins widely at me before saying, "We'll continue this later."

With a nod, I start walking upstairs but just as I'm about to walk inside the room; I feel the need to have some chocolates.

Mumbling a quiet, "What the fuck?" I turn back and walk downwards towards the kitchen.

Just as I'm about to announce my presence to Ethan in the kitchen, I hear a very distinct voice.

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