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Scott hurriedly rushed over to the Ice kingdom, greeted by his father, 'Son, did you think of anyone yet?' He asked, I need to lie . . . Scott thought, he forced a smile on his lips and nodded, 'N-No! But I do take a small liking to the prince of the S-Sand kingdom!' He smiled sheepishly, god no! I should've said someone else that prince is Aroace! He thought, however, his father smiled.

'I'm glad! I say we,' before he could continue, he got cut off from the doorbell, oh fuck! He thought, he father opened the door and was greeted by the Ocean kingdoms queen, he looked at her in confusion, 'I thought we said because we're enemies we wouldn't talk . . .' He growled, she nodded solemnly but glared at Scott. 'I heard something from my trust worthy guard and my own daughter that my son has been talking to your son.'

His father's eyes widened and he whipped around to Scott, Scott stared in bewilderment and shook his head, 'Wh-What? Of course not! I-It's forbidden after all!' He replied, his father shook his head, 'Do you have proof that they were talking or one was just standing up for the other? . . .' His father asked the queen, she looked thoughtful and shook her head, 'No, but I am sure we were both assured by our parents that no one from the Ice kingdom and Ocean shall ever get married again.'

A-Again? Scott thought, he saw his father nodding and she curtsied to him, 'I'll hold a meeting with all kingdoms queens and kings to check into that, now, and make sure your control your son.' She hissed before leaving, she left and Scott felt his heart thump wildly when his father turned to him, 'I need to go to his, if you did actually talk to him, you're dead to me.' His father said before leaving . . .

Scott's heat ached, I need to find out why the two kingdoms are enemies . . . They shouldn't be! He thought, when his father left he went into his room and searched his father's large bookcase, a book caught his eye however, History of the Kingdoms? That has to be useful! He thought, he shuffled it out and took it to his room, then, he placed it on his bed and opened the book to a page that read: The Ice kingdoms and Ocean kingdoms betrayal.

Perfect, Scott thought, and he began reading . . .

The Ocean kingdom and Ice kingdom were the greatest of allies, both promised to never start a Great War, Ocean king Sam fell in love with the Ice queen Melanie, both decided to marry until when the marriage was hosted, the place blazed with fire causing many to die, the Ice queen ran and left her husband to die in the fire, once realising, she cried all the time. She'd never forgive her self. . . Some time passed and then she found a new love interest form the Smoke kingdom, then held another wedding but only their son could remember the tragedy from when his father had died, he lashed out at his mother and ran away, many of the others agreed to believe that all the Ice kingdom cared about was a partner, that was when the two kingdoms started a war. Neither won, both lost so many, and they both remain enemies for centuries . . . And will that ever change? Probably not, as both kingdoms had a hatred to each other . . .

Scott shut the book and growled in rage, Just because a failed marriage is why the two kingdoms are enemies? She needed to save herself and the king was to late to escape? That's stupid, he thought shutting the book, he went to his fathers room and placed the book back before shutting the door.

He heard soft footsteps outside and saw Jimmy knocking on the door, he smiled before opening it, 'Thank goodness, did you get in trouble?' He asked Scott, Scott shook his head before pulling the other inside and shutting the door. 'I-I found out why our kingdoms are enemies,' Scott said, making the blondes eyes widen with curiosity, 'Can you tell me?' He asked, Scott shook his head and chuckled, 'Why tell you when you can see for yourself?' He asked, he took the others hand gently and took him to his fathers room, he went inside and got the book again before closing it, the two rushed to his room and set the book down on a table.

Jimmy read it and once he finished, he handed it to Scott, 'I can't believe it's all this time it was just because of a marriage that led to the death of one king and because that son opened his mouth the two became enemies . . .' He whispered, 'I-This is wrong!' He said, shaking his head, Scott nodded in agreement and rested his head on the blonde's shoulder, 'You're right,' he whispered to the blonde, Jimmy hugged the cyanette and the shorter hugged him back, letting out a sigh of sadness.

I love you so much Jimmy, it's ridiculous . . . Scott thought, he let go and the two sat on his bed, 'I wish our kingdoms weren't enemies,' Scott sighed, looking up at the blonde, the blonde nodded and sighed, 'I wish no kingdoms were enemies! Have you heard that the Flower kingdom is enemies with the Smoke kingdoms? And that the Mushroom kingdom is enemies with the Blood kingdom?' He asked, Scott shook his head and sighed.

Jimmy looked at him in sadness, I just wish we could be together, I don't even know if you feel the same way, Scott. . . I just wish, if you did, we could be together and have our love not be . . . forbidden . . .


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