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Jimmy and Scott looked into it more and read about it, both enjoying the others company. Until he heard the door open, 'Shit! Jimmy hide!' He hissed, Jimmy hid under the bed but accidentally dragged Scott with him, the two ended up under Scott's bed and Jimmy's hand was lightly touching Scott's hips, Scott's head was pressing against Jimmy's chest, the two were both blushing messes . . .

His (Scott's) father came into his room and looked at the bed curiously, 'Why is there . . .' He trailed off and grabbed the book Scott held on to, he then sighed and placed it back on the bed, 'He can keep it,' his father sighed, he must've forgot about the Ice kingdom and Ocean kingdom part . . . Scott thought, just then his father stood up straight. 'Scott! I know you're in here somewhere!' He shouted, Jimmy held his breath and Scott buried his head deeper into the other's chest.

His father stayed for a little longer before flinching, 'Sir, we have a visitor from the Sand kingdom, it's the king,' Scott's father nodded before eyeing the room and leaving. Scott sighed in relief and got out from the tight space, Jimmy came out from behind and dusted himself off, 'You should get going, I don't want anyone seeing you . . .' Scott muttered, Jimmy nodded and escaped form the window after waving his hand to the cyanette, and then the dirty blonde was gone . . .

Scott blushed when seeing the other run away, Fuck, I'm falling in love . . . He thought, he stopped looking from his window and sat back down on his bed, he buried his face in his pillow and slept, it was five in the morning but he still felt super tired, he undid his corset but then looked at the ground, he blushed madly and felt his heart thump.

D-Did Jimmy bring this? He thought, picking it up, he blushed madly and sighed, he hid it in his drawer before going to his bed and slept, not bothering to put any clothes on . . .


Mother's going to be wondering where I've been! He thought, speeding up his pace until he remembered something, he checked his pockets and winced, no no no! I must've left it at Scott's place! He thought, he shook his head and blushed madly, now he's going to think I'm weird . . . He jumped when hearing his mother's voice, 'Jimmy! My son were have you been?' She asked, hugging him tightly.

Has she forgotten she scolded me in front of everyone in the kingdom? He thought, he shook it off and hugged her back, 'Hi mum, I was just exploring the woods!' He responded, she looked at him wearily and eyed him, 'Have you been talking to the Ice kingdoms son again?' She asked, 'What no! I never did and never will!' He exclaimed, she laughed and sighed.

'I'm just joking, by the way, there is another emergency meeting that the Sand kingdom king and queen has held, I have to go with Lizzie, so, you have to take over for awhile, but not to long! I'll be back soon!' she chuckled, he nodded 'When are you going?' He asked her, 'I'll be going at nine o' clock, you shouldn't have to do much since everyone will be asleep.' She nodded before going back to the palace.

Once it was nine, his mother and sister headed out, everyone was asleep, I can visit Scott again! He thought, he ran to the Ice kingdom and waited to see Scott's father leave the castle, he did after awhile and waved a bye to Scott, Jimmy waited when Scott's father was out of sight and then knocked on the door.

Scott didn't answer at first and Jimmy knew he had too and he used one of his "tricks" to open the door, he went to Scott's room and saw the other sleeping peacefully, he gently shook Scott and the other awakened and looked at Jimmy wearily, 'J-Jimmy?' He muttered,d his eyes then widened and he blushed madly before quickly wrapping himself in his covers, 'G-Get out!' He blushed, Jimmy tilted his head and sat at the end of the bed.

Jimmy please for the love of god do not even think about getting closer, he thought, fort only blushed madly when the other gently hugged him, 'Why?' He muttered in a playful tone, Scott blushed and gasped when feeling the other push him back on the bed, Do not! He thought, but Jimmy was slowly taking of the blanket, Scott only blushed but he let other do it.

Once Jimmy had saw Scott's bare chest, he understood why Scott was defensive, 'O-Oh my goodness I'm so sorry!' He yelped, backing away, 'N-No, it's f-fine really, you didn't know!' Scott giggled softly, Jimmy blushed and he got back on Scott's bed and laid next to him. Scott shuddered when feeling the other bring him closer, he gasped when feeling Jimmy rub his cheek, 'J-Jimmy . . .' He whispered, he sat up  and so did the blonde, Scott blushed and then giggled and so did the blonde, why do I love you so much, Jimmy thought.

Scott smiled and then laughed, 'Your little flirty man!' He giggled, Jimmy smiled and hugged the other, 'I'll go out of the room so you can change into your dress,' Jimmy nodded and left the room, I love you Jimmy, I love you so much, Scott thought before changing into his dress.


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