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The two talked for what seemed hours, both resting on the couch and watching a movie, Scott felt tired and rested his head on the others shoulder, Jimmy smiled in return and picked him up in a bridal style, bringing Scott's senses back to him, 'H-Hey Jimmy! Put me down!' He groaned, he grumbled when the other didn't and blushed when the other took him to Scott's bedroom, gently placing him on his bed.

'I need to go now,' Jimmy said, when he was about to leave Scott grabbed his wrist, 'H-Hey wait!" Scott said, Jimmy turned and smiled, 'Yeah?' He asked, Scott went to his drawer and got what was Jimmy's belonging that he left on the ground, 'Why did you bring a condom?' He asked, looking at Jimmy while blushing lightly.

Jimmy blushed madly, 'I-I . . . It's not what you think I swear!' He panically said, earning a smirk form the shorter, 'Really?' He asked, the blonde nodded and Scott smiled, 'Then why did you bring it?' He asked, rubbing the condom with his finger and making the other blush, 'I was told I need to bring it "just in case"!' He quickly said, Scott laughed and smiled, he gave it back to the blonde.

'I'm assuming it's only two inches, you don't need it! Even if you did need it, it would have to be a small condom.' Scott chuckled, making blonde get mad, 'Oh you little scumbag, you'll regret that,' Jimmy huffed, he pinned the other on the wall making the cyanette moan, 'Oh yes! harder daddy~' Scott moaned, Jimmy blushed and chuckled, 'Oh? harder you say?' He asked in a seductive tone, making the shorter blush uncontrollably.

'Okay! Enough for now!' He chuckled, pushing the other back, Jimmy laughed and smiled, how bad would it be if I told you I loved it when you called me daddy . . . Thinking off you in a bed with me naked . . . Jimmy thought, he blushed madly and shook off the thought, snap out of it! He only thinks of you as a friend and you also think of him as a "friend" . . .

'Bye Scott!' He waved to the cyanette, 'Bye Jimmy!' Scott bit back the words: "Love you!", Jimmy ran off and Scott blushed, great heavens I want that stupid blonde to date me, marry me and fuck me. He giggled at the thought, he closed the door and sighed before stretching and reading one of his books.


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