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Scott slept for a long time, the suns rays making him wake up. He looked at the time and saw it was four o'clock in the night, on Saturday, with all these meetings, it feels like all of these days get longer and longer . . . He sighed before looking at the door way and saw his father sitting on his throne and eyeing Scott's bedroom, a frown on his face.

He signalled for Scott too come over and the prince did so, 'Father, what is it that you want me for?' He asked, his father sighed and looked at him while gently ruffling his hair, 'There will be another war against the Ocean and Ice kingdom again, this time, it will declare the true winner and one will be stood down by the other . . .' He looked at Scott and nodded, Scott nodded back and choked back his protest.

No . . . This can't happen! He thought, he needed to find a way to sort this out, he needed to meet Jimmy again, 'There will be another meeting, you need to get used to this since you'll be the king someday, but we need to bring the prince or princess with us, you'll be coming with me, it's held soon, just at six o' clock.' He nodded and left the room, Scott dreaded and quickly rushed to his room, slamming the door shut and curling himself up in a tight ball, Please make this be a dream! I don't want to have the Ocean and Ice kingdom fighting! In the end they'll make me and Jimmy fight! He softly cried into his arms and looked out his window and saw the townsfolk having a good time.

I wish I was a townsfolk, I wouldn't have to worry about relationships that much . . . He stood up and got his sword that laid in an encased box, he opened it and saw it shine against the sunlight, he gently touched it and sighed, This is the sword I have to fight Jimmy with, I don't want to fight him, I love him . . . Scott set the sword down and sighed.

He needed to meet Jimmy at night, confessing his love towards the other . . . They only had meant to be forbidden friends, they were meant to be friends, friends that joked with each other and laugh together, friends that hugged and cared for each other. But stupid feelings started to grow for Scott, he started to like the blonde.

He didn't mean to, he didn't mean to fall in love with someone he knew it would be forbidden to love, he knew it was wrong to love the Ocean kingdoms prince as the Ice kingdoms prince, but he couldn't help but love the other, he cried in his arms and sniffled. He made sure to wipe away the tears and have calming breaths before going to the meeting, his father and the other queens and kings and their eldest son or daughter had to go first.

Scott hung back and lied about having to do some quick extra stuff around the Ice kingdom, when he went out, he saw the blonde walking to the Flower kingdom, he sneaked among the bushes and tackled the blonde, being able to pin him down on the floor. 'Payback!' Scott laughed, Jimmy recognised the cyanette and laughed as well, 'Yeah,' the blonde hugged the other and the shorter hugged him back.

Does he know? . . . Scott thought, the two went and Jimmy let Scott go into the palace first, not wanting to be seen with the Ice kingdom prince, Jimmy waited for someone else and saw the Smoke kingdom prince smile, 'Hey Jimmy!' He laughed, Jimmy had forgiven the ginger and the two were good friends now.

'Hey Fwhip, good to see you!' He smiled, the two went inside and Jimmy sat next to his sister, the meeting began and the queen was talking about the enemy problems with her and the Smoke kingdom, the two sorted it out and so did the Mushroom and blood, 'And the last two that have an enemy-ship is . . .' She dreaded and looked at the Ice kingdom king and the Ocean kingdom queen.

"You two,' she nodded, the two glared at each other and Scott's father stood up, 'Well, I don't want to say we can necessarily fix it now because there will be a war between us soon,' he glowered at the Ocean queen, she growled in rage. 'What?' The Flower kingdoms queen looked shocked and so did everyone else, 'This-This meeting was to sort out peace!' She hurriedly said, 'Well, I guess not, you all have to see the showdown of our two princes, correct Ocean queen?' He smirked at her, she huffed and nodded, 'Sadly, but I wouldn't be surprised if you lost you cold-hearted people.' She spat.

Jimmy looked at Scott with pain, Scott sighed and looked at the ground, 'And we decided it will only be a showdown between the princes, isn't that also right?' He hissed at her, she growled but nodded, 'Well . . . I guess that's it, we'll be sure to all see this showdown . . .' The queen nodded and headed away and so did the rest of the people.

Oh no . . . Jimmy thought, out of all people . . . It had to be the one he loved . . .


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