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When Scott returned to the Ice kingdom, he rushed to his bedroom and buried his face into his pillow, he felt soft tears trail down his face, his head shot straight up when hearing his father burst through the door, 'Son, you heard, I'm sorry but we needed to, you'll have to practice with your sword, to make sure you win against the Ocean empire,' he nodded before leaving the room.

Scott picked up his sword and felt tears land on the swords blade, he gently used his finger to trail it across the sharp side, hissing when feeling a small cut open. He got a Band-Aid and wrapped it around the wound, 'I don't want to fight . . .' He mumbled, he stroked the sword and looked at his own reflection, would my mother approve? She always declined any aspects of war . . . He thought, he needed to visit the Telling Stone.

At night, he rushed to the Telling Stone, having his sword with him encase just in case. When he arrived, he touched it with his finger and rested his forehead on it and squeezed his eyes shut, feeling the Stone's aura take him away to the Spirit's land . . .

He woke up with a gasp and panted for air, Scott looked around and saw . . . the Ice kingdom? How? He thought, he walked around and saw the Queen, his mother, he saw her walk up to the border of the Ice and Ocean kingdom and left some poppies on the border, she simply walking away to his father and kissing his cheek.

His father glared at her and turned his back in her, 'Honey, come on! Do we have to be enemies with them? Do we have to start a war? We'll lose so many . . .' She exclaimed, 'I know, but we have to! For all of us!' He grunted, she looked hurt but she simply nodded her head, later, she was in his room, or for that time, a spare room.

Scott followed her, touched her shoulder, however, she didn't even notice. She sighed and looked at her stomach, gently rubbing it and crying, 'Why? Why when we are going to have a war I have to be pregnant? . . .' She asked herself, Scott felt sympathy for his mother, she closed her eyes but her eyebrows were tilted, 'No, I need to make sure he or she will have a great life, no war should be included.' She huffed, she stood up and walked out side the door, having Scott walking behind her.

She approached his father and tapped his shoulder, her face full of determination, he turned around and kissed her on the cheek, 'What is it love?' He asked, she softly growled but smiled again, 'I'm pregnant with your child.' She nodded, his eyes widened but a smile appertaining on his lips, 'This is why you didn't want a war, right?' He asked gently, she nodded in response.

'Okay, I'll make sure nothin glad will ever happen to our kid.' He nodded and hugged her, the vision faded and Scott was just standing in a black hollow, he jumped when feeling a hand touch his shoulder, he whipped around and saw his mother, a blank stare with no pupils in her eyes, 'I should've never trusted him,' she muttered, gently ruffling Scott hair.

'Wh-What do you mean?' He responded, she frowned and shook her head, 'He said he would never put you in danger, he promised, and look what's happening now? You have to fight to the death with the prince of the Ocean kingdom!' She raged, she breathed and cried softly, Scott hugged his mother tightly and sighed, 'I don't want to fight him either, I don't . . .' He trailed off, his mother nodded and softly smiled.

'I know you don't, you love him very much, don't you,' she asked him, smiling softly at Scott, 'Yes, I do love him very much . . . But please don't tell dad!' He exclaimed, his mother frowned and shook her head, 'I would never, I knew you would come here, but I need to tell you something.' She sighed, looking at Scott with the expression of slight sadness, he nodded and waited for her to tell him, 'The only way to stop it is fix the endless battle between the two kingdoms, mend their relationship, if you don't, it'll end horribly . . .' She sighed, her body slowly fading away, 'How do I fix it?' He asked raising his voice, her body slowly fading into thin air.

'Wait! You have to tell me!' He exclaimed, but then everything went black again . . . He shot up and saw himself laying in the floor, he panted and looked at his sword, it had a small heart covering the snowflake, he gently touched it and realised what he had to do, Tell him, tell him you love him . . .


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