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3 months later...

do not say anything about my time skips. i be having points to prove and they not even that long fr.~ zyee

"India you still not ready," Lexx laughed walking into the baby room.

"No, Willow was smiling and I had to record then she got hungry. I had to burp her after she ate too," India answered, still smiling at her daughter.

"Well let me see her. You have to go get dressed. I can't be late to my own son birthday party. I can't believe he one already."

"He walking yet," India asked walking into her closet. She'd already taken her shower when Durk was watching Willow.

"No, I know he can. He just being stubborn, I hope he'll do it today," she frowned.

"Hmm, stubborn? I wonder where he got that from," India said.

"His father," Lexx immediately blamed.

"No. His mother and father," India corrected, "Now let's go."

"No makeup," Alexus cheesed, "Its giving the girls face card very much valid."

India smiled doing a few poses, "Now give me my baby and grab her baby bag."

"I miss my baby," Lexx frowned and walked out of the front door behind India.

"Didn't you just see him like 15 minutes ago," India laughed, locking the door and then walked to the car. She started to buckle Willow in her car seat.

"Yes, but Von, Blay and Durk wanted to watch him before the party," she told her.

"I think its cute," India shrugged.

"Me too, but I miss him. My handsome face."



They pulled up to the park where Daylen's birthday party was being held.

"Why didn't do anything big," India asked.

"Right now its just about the pictures and memories for us because when he get older, he won't remember. Why have a big party he won't remember," she explained.

"You right, you right," India said unbuckling Willow from her car seat.

"We need to have a girls day again. Me, you, Dess and Jayda," India told her.

"I know. I want my feet done again," Lexx replied.

"Hey y'all," Jayda said as they walked up to everyone. They spoke back to her.

"Where Dess," India asked.

"She watching the kids play and taking pictures of them," Jayda answered.

"I can't to see how they come out." Alexus said.

"Say hey mommy," she heard from behind her. She turned to see Dayvon holding Daylen.

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