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one year later

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one year later...

Alexus sat in her bathtub, her back on the wall.

She thought about the bad things, the ones that helped make her who she is. Her mother leaving, the struggles of having her brother raise her, losing Destiny.

Then she thought about the good things. Her sons, Dayvon, Having a loving family even though they are not all blood related, the success she came across in life.

She closed her eyes and held her breath before slipping under the water.

She opened her eyes once she felt a white light hit them, but she looked around her and realized she wasn't in the bathroom anymore.

"What the fuck," she whispered to herself, and felt a pp on the back of her head.

"Quit cussing girl," she heard from behind her.

She turned around and started to back away slowly.

"This a dream. I'm losing my mind," she closed her eyes and tears fell out of them.

"Open your eyes mama, we barely got time," Destiny caressed her face.

"Dess," she leaned into Destiny.

"Hey fat mama," Destiny smiled.

"Dessy why you leave me baby," she pulled away and looked up at her.

"I guess it was my time Lexxi," she shrugged.

"You talking to me about photography and pursing it, and you were pregnant Dess. By my brother."

"That's what I was coming to tell you. I wanted you to know that you're going to be an aunt. I was going to be a mom. I wanted you to know that I was in love with your brother and that for those last 5 months he was making me so happy. And you're getting married today baby. I'm so proud of you," Destiny expressed.

"You were supposed to be there," Lexx shook her head.

"No baby. I'm supposed to be here. I've been watching over you, and I've never been more proud of the decisions you've made baby. And I know somethings that I can't tell you, but always go forward with your heart and mind. If they don't both agree, whatever it is, don't do it," she told her.

"I trust you," Alexus nodded. She felt herself start to get dizzy.

"You losing air baby. You gotta go back up or you're going to die," Destiny warned.

"Hug me," Lexx smiled with tears in her eyes and Dess obeyed, "Tell me you're going to be with me. Tell me when I walk down the isle, you're going to be with me."

Destiny pulled back and grasped her face, "I am going to be there, I am going to with you," Destiny shook Lexx's face a little, "Look at you girl, you so beautiful. And I love you so so so much. You need air, your body needs air. You need to go back up now Lexxi."

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