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After doing his sword practice, Scott sighed and went to his bedroom and went to his own bathroom in his bedroom and took a shower. He loved feeling the cold water trail down his body, he felt himself uncontrollably smile, after, he stopped the water and came out of the shower.

He let out a relieved sigh, he took his towel and wrapped it around his entire body, he flinched when hearing some footsteps come into the bathroom, 'Scott?' He heard a voice, he looked out form the bathroom door and saw Jimmy sitting on his bed, 'J-Jimmy! Why-How did you get here?' He asked.

Jimmy pointed to his window and Scott's eyes widened, 'You got in from the damn window?' He exclaimed, Jimmy nodded and chuckled, 'I'm just joking, I sneaked in through the front door since your father is setting up the arena!' Jimmy smiled, he hugged Scott and sneaked his had under the towel that was wrapped around Scott's body, gently kissed his neck making the other softly moan.

'Fuck you Jimmy,' Scott giggled, Jimmy chuckled and sneaked his hand out from the towel agin, he hugged the other and picked him up and placed him on the bed, 'Desperate?' Scott chuckled, Jimmy blushed and huffed, 'No . . .' Scott laughed and he faced the other way to get his dress on, he put it on and got his corset and tied it on, 'Aww, why won't you let me see you?' Jimmy asked, earning a tilt from his head, 'I mean . . . You know?' Jimmy blushed and so did Scott.

'Horny ass,' Scott huffed, 'Hey!' Jimmy laughed, Scott laughed as well and kissed his cheek, 'I love you so much, I just finished my sword practice and that's why I had to take a shower.' Scott nodded to the blonde, the blonde frowned and hugged the other while sighing.

'I wish we didn't have to fight . . .' He muttered, earning sympathy from the other, 'I know, but I have a plan for a way out of it . . .'


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