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Scott and Jimmy cuddled for the time that his father was gone, it was mid-day and Scott heard the door knock, he shooed Jimmy away after kissing his cheek, 'Love, you need to leave . . .' Scott muttered, Jimmy nodded and hid under his bed, Scott smiled and went downstairs to open the door, he let his father in and quickly rushed back up to his room.

He saw the window opened and smiled, I love him, I really hope my plan works . . . He thought, Scott sat back down on his bed and let out a relieved sigh, before shutting his eyes and sleeping through the afternoon.


Jimmy fell with a thud and groaned in slight pain, he got back up and pressed his hands down on the ankle, 'Just a small wound, it should be fine.' He muttered it himself, he went to the kingdom and saw the arena, it was like a boxing ring. He knew he didn't want to hurt Scott but he had lightly get some scratches and cuts on the other's skin.

I don't want to hurt him though! Jimmy thought, groaning in both disappointment, anger and pain from his sprained ankle. 'If only I landed softer, maybe,' he muttered to himself, he flinched when seeing his mother rush up to him . . . Oh no, I have to play it cool . . . He thought desperately, 'Love! What happened?' She asked him, he was leaning against the tree while holding his ankle.

'M-Mother! I'm fine it's just a small sprain!' He replied, she shook her head and called a king Igor for bandages, 'No it's not okay! Especially when you're about to fight the prince of the Ice kingdom!' She panicked, earning a frown from the other blonde.

All she cares about is me being okay enough to win the fight against Scott . . . He thought, she doesn't even care if I broke a bone or if I got hurt somewhere else! Or even where I've been! He bit his bottom lip to stop emotion from showing to bright, he grumbled when feeling his mother wrap his ankle in bandages trying to create a cast with it.

He didn't bother telling his mother where he's been, after all, all she cared about was him being in a well-enough shape to fight. Probably because it will end the rivalry and make one superior than the other (kingdom). He thought, staring at the Ocean kingdom's palace and feeling himself grunt in pain when trying to stand up.

'Okay hunny, rest for now and tomorrow will be the morning that the fight will happen, at five in the morning.' She nodded before pulling him to his room and letting him rest, he grunted and rolled his eyes.

It won't be a fight, I won't fight him, I won't kill him, but I will have to hurt him a little . . .


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