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Here was the day, the day Scott and Jimmy would fight, I'll try and persuade my father one more time . . . He thought, he went to his fathers room and knocked on the door, his father opened it and sighed when seeing the shorter cyanette. 'No, Scott, you have to do it.' Scott winced, 'Why? Why do I have to do it?' He asked, feeling anger bubble in his brain, 'Because I said so, now, go away, I'm busy.' He huffed, shutting the door on his sons face.

Well that doesn't give me a straight answer! He thought, when he was about to walk away, he heard the freak of the door again and saw his father standing by the door way, 'Son, wait.' He called back to Scott, Scott turned around and glared at him, 'What is it?' He huffed, rolling his eyes.

'I do not tolerate that behaviour Scott, do not roll your eyes at me,' his father growled, Scott crossed his arms and snarled softly, 'Fine, but what is it? I don't want to stand here all day and make my legs hurt and unable to fight.' He growled, his father casted a glance of sympathy to Scott before shaking it away and a stern one washing over his face.

'Why do you not want to fight? You can't tell me you're scared to get hurt because you learned techniques that can prevent that, but you seem nervous for something else, what is it?' He asked Scott, Scott felt himself flinch and he muttered a curse. Why is it his business why I'm worried? Scott though, he shook that thought and came up with a lie, like he always does . . .

'Because the Ocean kingdom may train the prince something I don't know and he can counter an attack and severely injure me, and I don't want that.' He replied coldly, his father simply nodded and Scott went to his room, closing the door before huffing in annoyance.

Stupid father, if only he knew what it was like to be in love with someone from another kingdom, he'd never know and never will! Scott thought, growling and kicking the carpet to his room, he checked the time and saw it was already four o' clock. One more hour . . . Scott sighed, he sat down on his bed and gently grabbed his sword, he sighed and felt guilt wash over him, I know we have to slightly harm each other but I can't stand to see Jimmy hurt, we promised that we'd try not to hurt each other , but can that promise really work? He thought, dreading the thought of accidentally killing the other.

No, I have to be careful, he thought, straightening himself, he got up and stretched before reading a book for an hour, this'll be fun . . . Scott thought while huffing, he read each page of the book before hearing his father call his name, oh come on! At the best part he had to call me! Scott groaned, he shut the book and put it back on his shelf after book marking the page he was on.

'Scott! It's time!' His father called, I can't believe how unlucky I am, I have to fight five o' clock in the fucking morning on the worst day of the week possible; Monday . . . Scott thought, he brushed it off and changed quickly before going back downstairs, 'Ready?' His father asked, looking at Scott with the look saying: 'You better win.' Scott shuddered and nodded the two heading out . . .


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