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"Why we have to be here," Alexus frowned

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"Why we have to be here," Alexus frowned. She looked around the gravesite seeing what looked to be a thousand people, but she knew it wasn't many. Breathing the Chicago air, she was ready to go back to Atlanta.

"We had to come so it doesn't look suspicious," Durk looked at her.

"We wouldn't even have to be here if it wasn't for yo evil ass," Blay rolled his eyes.

"Shut yo sassy ass up, and quit accusing me of shit I didn't do," Lexx bucked.

"Y'all getting too loud," Durk warned.

"You still saying that bullshit," Von laughed lowly, "You know how to stick to a lie for real."

"That's cause I'm not lying. Why couldn't India come," Lexx asked and looked at Durk.

"Pregnant people not supposed to go to funerals," he told her.

"I hate it here," she rolled her eyes.

"Does anyone have anything to say about the deceased," the pastor asked the crowd.

"Long Live Booka man," Blay spoke loudly.

Lexx concentrated on making tears fall down her face and after about 30 seconds they fell. She did a sad walk back to the limo they came in, smiling once she finally got there.

Once she tried to close the door, she realized she wasn't the only one that walked back to the car.

"What you want," she looked at Von.

"Why you keep lying," he smacked his lips.

"You being fed as hell," she chuckled.

"Out of all people, you don't have to lie to me," he grabbed her hand.

"Does it even matter what happened or who did it. The fact still remains that he his dead," she shrugged.

Her phone rung and she grabbed it putting it to her ear, "Yeah."

"You answer the phone sounding like a nigga," Scarr said and she laughed, " I been looking for yo ass for the past 45 minutes."

"I was out there, I'm in the car now though," she told him.

"The service over now," he informed her.

"Well come to my brother house in the city. I'll send you the address," she said.

"I'll see you later Lexxi."

"See you in a minute Alex," she smiled.

Von opened his mouth to say something, but the door opened and the boys started to pile into the car.



They drove the house they were holding the reception.

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