Chapter Twenty-Four

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Paisley's Point of View

"Stephan I can't believe you shot him?" I gasped and then slapped my hand over my mouth, while Stephan and I searched his house for camera's. We've already found seven and I was beginning to believe that that was it but we still kept searching just incase we had missed one or two.

"What was I suppose to do? Grab his hand and take him to church?" He paused "Blueberry, I didn't kill him and I should have because now that lunatic is on the loose." He said walking over to the lounge, leaving me in the kitchen and I couldn't help but notice how sexy his voice was. I've heard him speak many times before but my mind still couldn't shake how manly everything about him was even the way he prowled, he was just so God damn manly.

"I doubt he'll return." I replied as my eyes followed his motion to the lounge.

"Baby he's mentally ill, I shot him..of course he'd going to come's not like I stole his snickers. I shot the man. Thrice." He said while gliding his hand over the edges of his flat screen, feeling for any camera's. The camera's we had found were about four centimeters in diameter so they could easily be been anywhere.

"This is all so freaken messed up, I can't even process it. Oh my god." I spoke as I searched through his kitchen checking all the surfaces while my mind focused on what Stephan had explained to me when he had arrived home.

Lana was in love with him and he didn't feel the same way in return.

What if I fell for him and the feeling wasn't mutual. Thinking about it had frightened me because I knew that without a doubt, I would eventually fall in love with him.

"Yeah, I know it is. I'm sorry for all of this." He pulled me from my thoughts and stared into my eyes from a distance as he narrowed his and then he gave up searching for camera's and pressed his body down onto the couch as his basketball shorts hung loosely from his waist, he then lifted his hands and placed it behind his neck, throwing his head back as he sighed heavily in frustration.

"Don't apologize, it's okay Stephan." I said because I had realized that none of this was his fault, he couldn't help for not loving Lana and he couldn't be blamed for Ian being the way he is. It wasn't his fault. Yeah, Stephan's life was hard to accept but I do, I accept it and I accept him.

I smiled at him and then he lifted his head to notice my lips stretched small across my face.

"Come over here and join your husband on the couch." He smirked and then he chuckled a little as I rolled my eyes, still wearing that small smile that dangling on my lips.

"Mrs. Paisley Duke." He laughed exposing his perfect teeth as I strolled over to him and for the first time my heart rushed with excitement as he had said those words.

"Oh my god, can you stop." I smiled widely, I tried to contain my flashy smile but it was no use and then I gently sat myself down beside him which caused his left arm to the pull me closer towards him as It held me around my waist. He turned his head to face me and leaned in slowly for a kiss as he bit the inside of his left cheek and then let go causing his cheek to puff up to it's usual size. He allowed his eyelids to drop as he placed his hand on my thigh and moved his face closer to mine.

"No." I giggled loudly leaning back and then his eyes shot open with a smile that followed.

"Did you just reject me sweetheart?" He spoke in his sexy voice as his full smile turned into half smile, and then he lifted my legs onto the couch causing me to lay down as he climbed on top of me while I felt my hands lift to his neck.

"I did." I replied. "And there's nothing you can do about it." I said and then patted the tip of his nose with me index finger. He then scrunched up his nose and shut his eyes tightly like a toddler would.

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